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Have a great weekend! It’s been raining here for a couple days – finally enough to provide a true, quenching soak after a very dry spring. It’s supposed to clear up just in time for my birthday this weekend, and I’m looking forward to a trip up the river for swimming, hiking, sunning, eating, drinking and celebrating life and the season of summer.

A few small summer treats:

Beautiful, quick dry linen towels (for all year long)

We recently purchased one of these

And I really want to make a batch of these

And lastly, just in the shop, a new beach bag

Enjoy this last weekend of June xo




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I’ve been working on finishing up all the odd unfinished projects laying around in the studio. These things above are a few of them (you can click the images to learn more).

Years ago, I had a terrible habit of starting things and never finishing them. I worked really hard to break that habit, and I did. I kicked it pretty well, and really, I think I became a different and better person because of that! But sometimes, there are those things that that still get put aside I guess.

To me it is super satisfying to see a work in progress finally come to life, no matter how great or small.

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Just a quick stop to mention a couple new small items in the shop. You can click the images to learn more.



And to wish you all a great weekend!

I’m looking forward to finishing up some totes I’ve had in progress for what feels like forever, planting in the garden, and just taking some time to chill out.

Take it easy friends xo

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A bunch of new pouches and clutches have been added to the shop. Highlighted above are a few of my personal favorites. Have a look if you like! Many of them are one of a kind.

I’m especially excited about the woven leather pieces, and am working on more.


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Hello from today! I am feeling pretty spunky today, and everyday lately. I turned some kind of corner last week or so, after a short period of feeling uncharacteristically low, and I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with sunshine, warmth and all things spring. On the central Oregon Coast, spring is moving in. The spring peepers are singing us our evening song again, cherry blossoms are cheering up the roadsides, and the days feel endless in comparison to the dark, short days of just a few weeks ago.

But I didn’t really come here to talk about spring. Just couldn’t help it I guess. Really I came to say that a couple new things are in the shop this week.


The Tablet Mat / Mouse Pad:



and finally available, the iPad Satchel:


Maybe next time I’ll come back with some photos of spring. And soon I will have a handful of new items to share as well. xo

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Wishing you all a happy and healthy start to a new year! I am always amazed at how quickly another year has passed, and this year is definitely no exception.

The shop has reopened, with select items available. I will be adding more as I can.


A new item, just out, is the checkbook wallet. I had a lot of inquiries about the prototype, which I have been using for a while now. It has softened up beautifully and is already darkening to a warm rosy tan. For the final, I increased the size a little, and made it easier to access and view the contents of the wallet with a cut-out in the front. Have a look here if you’d like.


Here’s to the best year ever. xo




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holiday shipping


Hi folks! Our last shipping day for US Christmas deliveries is this Friday, December 20. If you would still like to pick up an item that is ready to ship, there’s still time. There are just a few things left. And if you have wanted to purchase a gift for someone but have been undecided or ran out of time, there are gift certificates as well.


All orders come wrapped for gifting, with simple, seasonal adornment.

It’s been a great holiday season for infusion! Thank you so much for your support!

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I have one antique tan buckle wallet ready to ship. I’ve made a separate listing for this particular wallet due to the dark scar that shows on the front (which was revealed once I dyed the leather). The scar seemed too prominent, front and center there, to send out without making light of it. I think it’s beautiful actually, and is one of the things that makes full grain leather so unique, but maybe not everyone has the same appreciation.


For any of my readers interested in this item, save 15% with a mention of this post during checkout. I will refund you the difference as soon as your order comes through. And there is still time for Christmas delivery : )


Happy weekend, all.

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A new Longitude Case has just been added to the shop. There’s only one, and it’s ready to ship.

I’ve had a lot of inquiries about this item, which hasn’t been available for a while. I am nearly out of the leather I have used for this case for so long, and haven’t found a suitable replacement yet. The leather used on the case shown above is beautiful and thick and makes a gorgeous leather case, but it’s a bear to work with in this particular application.

You can find it here, if you are interested.


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By this time in the holiday shopping season I am usually out of inventory and everything is made to order only. This year I was a little bit ahead of my usual game, and have some things on hand right now, ready for shipment. Below are some of the items available, in case any of you are still hoping to place an order for Christmas delivery. For most made-to-order items in the shop, it is now too late to guarantee delivery by Christmas.




The new iPad Mini Satchel is now available, in 3 fabric choices. All of them are in stock and ready to ship.



I have a few Buckle Wallets ready to ship, in natural (shown above) and brown. The antique tan have been selling like hot cakes, and are currently made to order only.



There are a couple Herringbone Clutches left.


I am still able to get pencil cases out in time, and I have a small lot of ikat cases ready to go.

And if you’ve been considering a rucksack, I have a few left! One in slate, one in stone and one in gray.

And finally, there are always gift certificates .

I hope you all have been enjoying the holiday season, and have been finding some time to relax and partake in a little bit of holiday cheer. It has been beautiful and freezing cold here and I love it! We even had a light dusting of snow last week, which is always pretty exciting on the coast.

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