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backyard berries




and a blueberry peach galette made with someone else’s backyard berries.

This morning I was surprised to find one of our older blueberry bushes covered in perfectly ripened berries. I had quit checking on these particular bushes, as the birds usually hit them pretty hard by now.

And then I discovered the huckleberries, and the insanely fragrant blackberries. And I even picked a few salal.

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pure life

A slice of my own bit of heaven on earth.








red huckleberries

red huckleberries



columbia tiger lily

columbia tiger lily


discovering duck's foot / inside out flower

discovering duck’s foot / inside out flower





A quake of adventure, on a slippery, mossy, rocky ledge, where in a moment of tricky footing my pack nearly rolled into the depth of icy water below.

An invitation to let go, and merge with the roar of the waterfall and lushness enveloping us.

A chance to tune in, delve a little deeper, and forget the rest of the world for a while.

The space to have fun, and frolic with the wild freedom of pure life.

The fullness of the sigh that comes with the nourishment of the self.

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Have a great weekend! It’s been raining here for a couple days – finally enough to provide a true, quenching soak after a very dry spring. It’s supposed to clear up just in time for my birthday this weekend, and I’m looking forward to a trip up the river for swimming, hiking, sunning, eating, drinking and celebrating life and the season of summer.

A few small summer treats:

Beautiful, quick dry linen towels (for all year long)

We recently purchased one of these

And I really want to make a batch of these

And lastly, just in the shop, a new beach bag

Enjoy this last weekend of June xo




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Happy solstice! This is the only photo I took today (well, okay 4 or 5 of about the same), sneaked from the kitchen window after running inside to get some scissors. I love sneaking photos of him :)

Without really even intending to, I think we milked this longest day of the year for all it was going to offer. We spent the entire day outside; planting, transplanting, weeding, watering, cleaning windows and eaves and just generally blissing out on sunshine. I can’t believe it’s already officially summer. I’m going to do my best to live it to it’s fullest!

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keeping in touch





These days I sit down to blog, and I’m simultaneously flooded with things I’d like to write about, and stumped at what to say at all. Most simply though, I feel I’d like to start recording my seasonal observations again. Every now and then I find myself wondering about something from a past year – like, “when were the cherries ready last year? It seems so early.” … “what did the tomatoes look like at this time last year?” … “when was our first baby deer sighting last June?” … “It hasn’t rained in weeks. Last June I think I was dealing with drowned cucumber plants from all the heavy rainfall.”  I used to record all kinds of observations, and have found that I really appreciate the reference as time passes. And on a greater scale, there is no doubt we’re experiencing worldwide climatic changes and I think it’s import to be actively aware and a part of what’s happening around us.

Every once in a while I go through a tough spot where I feel so sad by what’s happening in the world. So much war and human sickness. Sickness of consciousness. Disconnection from, and loss of love for life. The world can seem so broken and people can seem so shut down, disconnected, out of touch. Yesterday I was driving home from the post office, and “where is the love” started playing, and the tears just started pouring! I was a little surprised at myself, but when my sensitivities are turned up, it is easy to look anywhere and see an unnecessary, human-inflicted hardship on the land, the animals and on each other.

On a sweeter note (and possibly what stirred some of this up), in stark contrast to the complicated world we are in, last week we witnessed a new little life enter this world – a  perfectly uncomplicated birth of a baby fawn right in our yard. It felt like time stopped for that day in this bubble of safe space, and every creature around seemed to sync with this event. I’ll try to share more of it soon. It was, and has been – as we see glimpses of these 2 settle into the world together, been truly amazing.

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A few more hours this evening and then it’s  time to put the week’s work aside for a bit, and slide into an easier pace. I’m looking forward to upping my guitar practice with a new app Steven found, tinkering in my garden and meeting up with some old friends. And if this crazy (!) wind calms down, we’ve got campfire cooking on our list. It’s been so summery and beautiful (and windy) out.

Also, I’ve been thinking about deliberate acts of random kindness, and how I could make them more a part of my life. Have you done any that stood out lately? This world is sure needing more gentle kindness.


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Every morning, upon rising, I prepare our morning cups of coffee. It’s a task I have always done for us, and love to do. There is a consistency and sureness in this daily ritual that I appreciate so much. Sometimes I am already looking forward to the following morning before the day has even ended. It’s our time to gently wake up together, and emerge into the day. And of course, enjoy the magic that is espresso.

Fun little fact: We first laid eyes on each other at a cafe, where I was the barista. I have been his coffee girl ever since :)






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coffee_deck_april 29







We are just coming out of a few days the likes of which we rarely experience here, ever – even in the height of summer. The temp topped out at 92 on April 30 and hovered in the 80s much of the time for the 2 days surrounding. To me, this is bodily bliss. I sometimes wonder if I should be living in Central America, or Hawaii, or somewhere this is more the norm. To wake up, throw on a linen sundress – the same linen sundress as the day before, slide into some sandals,  top my head with a sun hat and go…. such ease and simplicity. So light and lovely. Time slows down and life becomes gentler, even if all the details of the day remain the same.

The heat started to break this afternoon, and tonight the air and sky have shifted. The garden might be a little confused. The tomatoes, basil and squash went bonkers!

I feel so satisfied, and so ready for summer.



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Spring-induced bliss is happening here (or, possibly a pollen-induced stupor).

I am liking April a whole lot.






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eggs and greens are a match made on earth.





I learned something new last week. A crustless quiche is one of the easiest, tastiest, most satisfying meals to throw together. And it’s equally suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Pretty much perfect, right?

With springtime eggs and greens in abundance, this is an affordable, nourishing meal that even my not-so-egg-friendly man enjoyed quite a lot.




My friend Amber‘s chickens have been laying on the regular again, and I’ve been so lucky to have received quite a few eggs from her recently. They are seriously the best eggs I have ever had, and I’ve had a lot of fresh eggs! Her chickens are no doubt happy, healthy girls.

Our garden doesn’t offer a whole lot this time of year, but we can always depend on kale. It loves the cooler weather and is super delicious and abundant right now.


On the day I made this quiche, we were even lucky enough to share this meal with my chicken keeping friend.


No-crust kale, cheese and mushroom quiche

2 Tbs of butter

1/2 – 2/3 large red onion

12 ounces kale, chopped

5 medium crimini mushrooms, chopped

7 fresh eggs

3 cups grated cheese (I used pepper jack)

1/4 tsp sea salt

fresh thyme and black pepper to taste


In a large sauce pan or skillet, sautée your onions in butter until soft, then add your kale. Sautée the kale until brilliant green and softened.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

In a large mixing bowl, beat your eggs.

Add grated cheese.

Add the onion and kale mixture.

Add chopped mushrooms, salt, thyme, pepper.

Combine well.


Pour the mixture into an oiled 10 inch pie pan.

Bake for about 30 minutes – until the eggs are set.

Let cool for 10-15 minutes.


This meal is even more delicious with toasted sourdough… recipe coming soon.


And just for fun, cuz I’m like that :) whoever can first name the leafy plant coming into the top of the frame on the kale image above (2nd from top) – I will send you a gift! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend xo


Update: It’s an artichoke! I’ll be in touch soon, with those of you who guessed.

PS asonomagarden, your email doesn’t work so please get in touch if you’d like to receive your gift.







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