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Just a quick stop to mention a couple new small items in the shop. You can click the images to learn more.



And to wish you all a great weekend!

I’m looking forward to finishing up some totes I’ve had in progress for what feels like forever, planting in the garden, and just taking some time to chill out.

Take it easy friends xo

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june 23





A couple new clutches are in the shop this weekend; two different prints and two different sizes. Both are made with limited edition cotton prints.

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Our new Camera Strap is now available in the shop. It is currently being offered in Stone or Sage waxed canvas, with natural veg tanned leather. Other canvas colors may be available upon request, so feel free to inquire. I even have pink! :) I almost made some in pink, but thought I’d start out with some unisex favorites first. Come take a peek if you’d like.

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I have just added a new 2-tone tote to the shop, here. This one is a little taller than my original 2-tone, and is thanks to a recent request by a return customer of mine. I loved the change in proportions and additional space.


For a sense of size, in comparison…


I didn’t manage a “doing it myself” post this week. Although I have made myself a thing or 2! My current project should be finished soon. It’s been a busy week. Also, I’m working on a little project for the shop – something that’s been a fun deviation for me from my usual work, and a nice change-up from what I usually have available in the shop. I hope to have some of it posted next week.

Have a great weekend. Be back soon xo

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Hi folks, I have just added a new tote to the shop. Our long time favorite “2-tone tote” is now available in slate waxed canvas and natural hemp, with natural veg tanned leather straps. Lined with organic cotton canvas. I am quite fond of this golden brown leather and I think it really complements the slate. This bag will soon will be available with another leather color as well.

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Foldover Clutch   in waxed canvas, handwoven wool blend and leather

Messenger Bag  in saddle brown waxed canvas

Hi folks! I am back with a few more things to share…

It’s been a long while since there has been a messenger bag in the shop. Here is my most recent take, with a lot of great features.

And the clutch. I started out making a large zipper pouch with some remnants I had, and it turned out to be such a great compliment to the foldover style that seems so popular these days. I am really loving the way these materials came together. Just the right about of compliment and contrast I think.

Also, there is one more small wool zipper pouch from the little batch of handwoven textiles I recently talked about. This is the last of them.

That’s all for tonight. I hope your week has started out with ease.

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Does anybody still use a pencil? My favorite writing utensil is an old fashioned wooden pencil. The kind you have to use a pencil sharpener for. It seems like they are almost obsolete, with all the fancy mechanical stuff these days.

I just put a new pencil pouch up in the shop. This one’s made with slate waxed canvas and weathered leather. Of course, you know you don’t have to keep pencils in it…

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waxed day pack

The Day Pack is now available in Stone Waxed Canvas.

Slate and Saddle Brown waxed canvas is also available, on request (example of slate here and saddle brown here).

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small things








Small and useful. There is something especially fun about making small things sometimes. These are both in the shop now – waxed pouch here and little stash tote here.

I hope you all had a great weekend! It has been unseasonably warm here and so beautiful and sunny.

I really appreciate the thoughtful comments on my last post. It actually felt really great to write that all down. I don’t usually express my feelings much here. I guess I mostly tend to keep my thoughts to myself, but it’s nice to share, and always nice to hear other perspectives and ideas.

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There are a few new bags available in the shop. Here, here and here. The tote will be limited – maybe 6 of them total, with this particular tweed.

Over the past year or so, I have received so many requests for weather resistant options on my bags. I have hesitated to bring waxed canvas into my line, due to what I had learned about the toxicity of some of the original waxing processes, and I am obviously not a fan of synthetic materials. With a bit of research though, I am excited to have found a waxed canvas that I feel comfortable working with, and confident offering to my customers. It is a beautiful material, has such a sturdy feel, and really holds it’s own. I have really enjoyed working with this material over the last couple months. It took a bit of getting used to! It cuts and sews like a dream, and the finish is ever-changing with handling, giving every bag it’s own unique appearance.

Waxed canvas is a tightly woven cotton fabric that is impregnated with wax, making it weather resistant, while still maintaining breathability – unlike a lot of modern day synthetic outdoor gear. Waxed canvas has a sturdy feel, and ‘stands up’ in a way that the same material, in it’s unwaxed state, does not. The finishes used on this canvas are free of the hazardous solvents commonly used in the application of wax finishes. It is environmentally friendly and made right here in the US, from a family owned company that has been waxing canvas since the 1800s. Cleaning waxed canvas is easy, by simply wiping with a damp cloth or hosing off with cold water. It is not recommended to machine wash or dry clean waxed fabrics, as detergents and chemicals will break down the protective wax coating.

Currently, I have 2 colors offered in the shop, on 3 bag styles – graphite gray and raw cocoa brown – on the Rucksack, the Small Satchel and the tweed and waxed canvas tote. A third color, which s similar to my cinnamon brown canvas, will soon be appearing as well. If you have a request for colors not yet available, or a different bag not yet being offered in waxed canvas, feel free to ask.

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