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I love doing art and craft (in addition to, and aside from sewing), so when I have the extra time (which is sometimes, but not always) I make these little collages to send off to my wonderful customers in their packages (usually I am counting the minutes as I finish these, for the moment the postman arrives. If you are one of my lovely customers and you have not received one, it is ONLY because I did not want to delay your delivery any further!).

Collage Postcards

These little collages are made on the backsides of hand made postcards (on recycled paper) so this little art piece serves also as a functional item that can be sent on to another to enjoy. I particularly liked the way this one turned out. They are never planned, but always pieced together in a way that I find aesthetically pleasing before pasting. I am always surprised at the result and it is fun to turn it every which way for a new and different scene.

Collage Postcards

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