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We have a new co-op in town, which is an exciting addition after our longtime local healthfood store went out of business. I had a request recently for reusable produce and bulk bags, as a friend of mine who works there knows I like to sew. She saw a customer using a cloth bag for her produce and felt like something similar would be a nice addition to the store. This is what I have made up so far. The image above is my display.

The sizes range from about 4″ x 5″ for little things like spices and herbs, up to as large as a full size produce bag. They are made of natural cotton muslin, which is unbleached and undyed (with one made of recycled red calico cotton thrown in for fun). The muslin is a sturdy yet lightweight fabric. There is a cotton twill tape tie stitched into the seaming, so there is no need for those wasteful twisty ties either.

I look forward to washing a set for myself and putting them to use next shopping trip. No more digging around in the piles of used baggies and twisties! And when needed, I can simply throw them in the washer.

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Feeling extra inspired lately, with lots of ideas. I will be busy filling orders this week, (including finishing up my first bulk order for a boutique!), but you can soon expect more “Pintucked” bags in new fabrics, and with a few color choices to boot : )

I am quite excited.

I have had some really excellent suggestions for names (re: post below). Thank you to those of you who contributed so far. I so appreciate your great ideas! I will be making a list and having a vote amongst some outside parties (plus myself of course). Stay in touch for results.

And now for a little Laundry on the Line… a peculiarly simple something that inspired me today…

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I have been wanting to take some time to develop some new designs for quite a while now, but I have just not been able to find a window amongst order fulfillments and my other job. I have been sketching ideas off and on for weeks, so you can imagine I am excited to make them a reality! I also have a couple of new fabrics, in new colors, that have been patiently waiting to be used as well.

Also, it is now September 1st and my boyfriend and I have been on just 2 short (VERY short) camping trips all summer. We are happy as clams in our loft on the ocean, but sometimes you just need a little getaway adventure. I will have a week off from my managerial job at the retreat center, so we will take some time to rest, relax and catch up on *life*.

Our Camper

Our Camper

So expect a refreshment both of me, and of my shop. And if you have a favorite, now is your time to jump on it as changes are afoot, and there is no telling what change can bring!

What you might expect to see on my return:

~ A new bag design, or two

~ A revision of the messenger bag

~ A revision of the blossom bag

~ An accessory piece and possibly (oh, maybe I am pushing it!) a womens clothing piece

I know that is all a bit vague, but surprises are more fun!

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