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After a long stretch of stormy days, the sun broke through! This photo was taken last night, just after sunset, from a cave near our house. Posting more pics in my flickr soon. This was such a spectacular evening.

If you have visited the shop lately you will have noticed there is not much there. I have slimmed my offerings down while I work on some new things. My plan is to re-stock the shop with a fresh selection of items (tentatively) by January 19. Woohoo for new!!

Have a most excellent day today!

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A bit of excitement over here. Our new camera arrived yesterday and I wanted to tell you about it. We have had a Sigma SD14 for a while now, after owning a Canon 20D. Both are professional quality cameras in the thousand dollar plus range. I haven’t been that happy since purchasing the Sigma, as it doesn’t do well in low light, plus it’s big and expensive so I often opt not to take it with me in situations where I normally would really like to have a camera. This hasn’t been much fun.

I like to take photos of anything and everything on the spur of the moment. I haven’t been taking many photos since owning the Sigma, and it fails miserably in a lot of common situations where lighting isn’t optimal (like indoor craft fairs, my niece and nephews birthday parties, family gatherings, etc…). The photo below (hi from Abby and Steven) was taken in a dim room in the early evening and I didn’t tweak it at all, other than reducing it’s size. Under the circumstances, we were pretty excited with the result.

So I must say, I am REALLY EXCITED! It is small (it fits in my purse and even my jacket pocket!), it does remarkably well inside on dark, cloudy, rainy days (like above). It even does high definition video! I will be able to take it with me EVERYWHERE : ) and photograph all kinds of things and experiment and play and make goofy videos. It does super well with both macro (my favorite – I love zooming in on the detail of things) and yet it is a wide angle lens. The functions are easy to navigate and it is pretty intuitive to figure out. I think we have hit it.

image of camera is a stock photo, property of Panasonic.

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One of the most exciting Christmas gifts I received this year was quite intangible and lasts a whole year (and beyond!).

My sweet, thoughtful, wonderful and amazing boyfriend set me up with web hosting for infusionfibers.com : )

I purchased my domain name back in June, but have simply had it forward to my etsy store as I wasn’t quite ready to buy hosting and set up a site. I would probably have waited forever. Infusion Fibers is now hosted by DreamHost, a super awesome company that provides super user friendly hosting (believe me, we have definitely worked with the not-so-user-friendly) AND they are 100% carbon neutral! I can’t help but add that they also offer a kickback if I refer any new users, so if you decide to sign up with them, CLICK HERE to get there, and I will receive a monetary reward. You can then refer others and receive your own monetary rewards. It’s really great. I have never worked with a business that makes so many efforts for both their customers AND the planet.

Within the super easy to navigate panel I can pay my bill, manage my domain, manage my email (and more). They also have “one-click installers” meaning in one click you can install blog software, a forum, a poll, an online store, or even a wiki. You also get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk usage. It really is dreamy.

I set up my one page site in one evening (with a lot of help from my web developer boyfriend) and for now, I am quite happy to have at least my own independent online presentation.

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Laying Low

After weeks and weeks of high energy, high activity, late nights and early mornings, my body has said e n o u g h. Sometimes I think of getting sick as one way the body uses to say “pay attention! I need rest!” I have been mostly resting the last couple days. My fever broke this morning and I am on my way back. This morning I can swallow and talk again without pain (oh the simple joys!).

For my customers whose orders haven’t shipped yet, I may be a couple days behind. I will send specific updates to each of you as I get back in motion. Thank you for your understanding!

(PS It’s really not freezing in our house. Being bundled up and ultra cozy just feels so nice today.)

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