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I have just put a few new pieces in the shop. You might notice I am anxious for warmer weather. sigh.

I also added a few zipper pouches and a new organic essentia satchel in espresso brown, as well as a Rogue in organic red cherry twill the other day, so come have a look! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with a fair amount of relaxing and a whole lot of fun.





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natural neutrals

a little peek… some things I’ve been working on.


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confiding in one’s self


Sometimes, when a little insight is needed in a particular decision process or challenging situation, I like to hold the scenario in mind and draw from a deck my boyfriend created many years ago. He called this deck “insight cards.”These mini meditations always help to create a new perspective and a fresh place from which to decide or move forward from.

I thought I’d share one that I drew today…


Be confident in your actions

and in yourself.

Confidence is used by the wise

to carry the true self

to its destination.

Confidence is used by the fool

to carry the false self

to its obliteration.

The confidence of the wise

is such, that it carries

the magic of the self.

The confidence of the fool

is such, that it carries

the importance of the self.

Confide in the true self.

Confide in the truth.

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Today was like an endless quiet morning, in the best kind of way. I woke up feeling restful and still, like I didn’t need to be anywhere or do anything. Time stretched out and I felt a fresh appreciation for the little things… rain drops on the windows, the natural textures around me, the changing light throughout the day, the nutty smell of quinoa cooking, catching up with family, the warmth of a snuggle with my beau. It’s been stormy and windy, with lightening and rain. And now, as the day comes to a close I am lulled by the swooshing of the fir trees and the unending rumble of the ocean.

Happy Tuesday everyone. What are you appreciative of today?

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These are a few of the things that come to mind when I think of what makes a comfortable living space.

As the momentum of our home search grows, so does my interest in home related items. Perusing the net this afternoon, I found e15.

Mito: Towel Rail

e15, a company based in Germany (Europe is the home of so much amazing design!), features a beautiful line of furniture. Sleek, simple and perfect for a zen, minimalist space. I particularly like the artful way the designers lift things off the floor. With all the dust we create in our home, between my sewing, our wool rugs and the countless woolly yarns and sweaters,  this is always a consideration for us. The Noah bed, shown below, is a favorite of mine in the collection, by designer Philippe Allaeys.

And then there is the room this is photographed in (also of European design I am sure!) – it looks just like the home my boyfriend dreams of building…

We won’t be buying this particular furniture anytime soon (if ever), but it is fun to dream up the perfect space because I think we could at least come pretty close (and anyway, I’d need to find out if this is sustainably harvested wood – that’s a lot of wood!!)

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comfort in nature

There is something about how things are that is hard for me to stomach sometimes.

This is one of those times.

Our neighbors plan to cut down one of the most viable habitats and food sources of the hummingbirds, which are going extinct, and then when they are finished removing it they will spread a pile of dead bark dust in it’s place.  Another neighbor sprays the moss with herbicide based on misinformation and a seeming disregard for what amazing life forms that they are. A city, just 65 miles from here, plans to aerially spray pesticides over  600+ populated acres because they found 7 gypsy moths.  China has just artificially induced weather for the 3rd time, by shooting iodide into the sky to “seed” clouds, with no idea of the repercussions that this kind of introduction of elemental toxins into the atmosphere will have. The hard thing is not only that these things are happening, but also that no one around seems to care or even notice. There’s something wrong with all of this. There’s something very wrong that this has become the way that people deal with life.

I feel an unusual stress this week and I know it will pass, but all these things are hard to understand and there seems to be nothing I can do about them.

I find comfort in nature, it’s effortless harmlessness and it’s inherent harmony with itself, the planet. I worry about all things in nature as it continues to be squashed out, cut out, bombarded, devastated, and for reasons that aren’t even real… Does anyone else worry like this? What ways do you try to help the life forms around you thrive?

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There is a new green shopping site and I am excited to be one of the founding members.

Cosa Verde is a place to shop all things organic, recycled, sustainable or otherwise ecologically friendly and with planet loving intentions. The innovative and artistic team of Liz and Jeff, have been working on the site for 8 months and have just brought it to the air waves within the last week or so. The goal was to create a place where shoppers in search of eco friendly items, can find everything in one place. I think they have a done a beautiful job on the design of the site. It is attractive, easy to navigate and does a beautiful job of appealing to their audience. As a new site, they are seeking input on positive changes (some are already on the way), so if you have any great ideas, I am sure they would be thrilled to hear about them.

If you are a person who makes things that would fit in at Cosa Verde, CLICK HERE to sign up and I will receive a referral credit and you may receive $$ credit toward your account.

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I was going to wait to post this, and do a larger shop update all at one, but as soon as I finished making this I had a request for it. It just seemed too serendipitous to wait. This fabric was ordered over a month ago and I have finally gotten the chance to turn it 3D!

The Rogue in Organic Plum.

Organic Cotton Twill in a striking plum purple. This color makes me smile. When I ran out of Aubergine corduroy I went on a search for an even better, more organic solution. While I loved the velveteen softness of the cord, this one is organic, rich and juicy and has the most beautiful drape.

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beyond knit + purl

I started a new knitting project today and so far I am really enjoying this pattern. I did attempt this a week or so ago but what ever was wrong with me that day, I kept miscounting my rows somewhere, throwing off the whole thing and having to tear it out. This time, I think I am going to make it…

I have a feeling one could easily get hooked on knitting lace. It is so easy and fun, and the outcome is delicate and beautiful. I am using a chunkier yarn than the pattern calls for, and bigger needles. Also, my yarn is a fuzzy mohair/wool blend rather than the Noro yarn the pattern called for, which is a blend of silk, mohair and lambswool. A bit experimental, so we will see how it goes.

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spring cleaning?

After a couple months of increasingly claustrophobic conditions in my work space, I have finally had the energy to dig in and start trimming things down and refreshing. This week I have nearly dismantled my work area, eliminating piles of excess fabric scraps, dusting forgotten corners, sorting hardware, trims and buttons, and rediscovering nearly forgotten, unfinished projects. I spent nearly 2 hours this evening, meticulously cutting scraps from odd shaped leftover fabric pieces and folding and piling them neatly. It is hard to waste any of it and yet it is hard to know what to do with it all. I have 6 grocery bags FULL of various cotton fabric scraps. Linen and hemp has been sorted to another bag and then wool has been sorted yet again. While it has been a bit overwhelming, it has also been somewhat inspiring…. that quilt I have been wanting to make may just get made.

In the midst of this, our weekly errand day happened, which always includes a stop at the thrift store. This week I would have skipped it (for fear of finding more fabric), but my boyfriend really wanted to go. Wouldn’t you know, the craft section had just been restocked, after weeks of sparse pickings. I swear, someone had just brought their grandmother’s entire vintage stash in. There were loads of beautiful vintage buttons, trims, lace and fabrics. I brought home more than I have in quite some time. So much for paring down…

The photo above shows some of what I found. Everything I would guess to be vintage. Golden corduroy, lavender fulled wool, gray and cream houndstooth fulled wool, cotton twill tape, linen bias tape, lace trims; shell, wood and leather buttons..

As for all those scraps that won’t get used, I hope to find someone or some business that would like to shred them and use them as stuffing or something. Anyone know of anything like this? My boyfriend suggested I make a dog bed…

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