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gaining perspective


While heading to the wood pile today, I noticed a large plastic bottle on the ground, newly exposed since some ivy was removed a couple days ago.  I went over to pick it up, planning to put it in the recycle bin.  When I turned it over, I was gleefully surprised to discover a whole little world, buzzing (or, more appropriately, slithering) with life, on the underside. I carefully set it down and excitedly ran to get my camera!  When I returned, everyone was active, and moving all around.  The tiny snail, it’s shell measuring no more than 1 cm in diameter, was alert and exploring it’s newly lit world.  Tiny centipedes were scurrying about, some just born and semi-transparent.  At one point, the largest of them even scurried over and hid under the snail!  Two little sprouts stood like tall trees over this active little world.

I happily took my photos, watching things moving through the lens as I focused in on my tiny-shelled, new-found friend.  I can’t help but wonder if this is the baby of the snail I met up with back in January.


Seeing this complex, thriving, and tiny little world, living on the underside of an old plastic bottle, helped bring a fresh perspective as to how tiny my world really is. Wow, how tiny it is! All the little mis-haps and bumps on my road are just minuscule events.

Maintaining a clear perspective on what is meaningful and life-giving, inspiring and nurturing, is so very important, and so very refreshing.

What helps you gain that perspective?

p.s. I returned that bottle to the place where I found it. It can be recycled at another time. For now, it is the happy nest of a little world of tiny creatures.

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