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It’s been a year!


Today marks one year since the opening of my etsy shop. It has been a successful year for me I feel, and I am looking forward to the year ahead. In my own celebration of the new year ahead, my shop will be closed for the next week or so. This will allow me time to explore some new ideas I have been wanting to bring to life. I will also use this time to consider how to re-create the format in which I have been making and selling. I have found that working in the way I currently am, allows for little to no time for new designs, the learning of new techniques, and artistic play. These are all a very important to me in maintaining a fun and inspired momentum.

In celebration of you, all my beautiful readers, customers and supporters; I will re-open with a fun give-away! Details to come.

And what does grapefruit have to do with this, you ask? Maybe nothing, other than that it was the first thing I did this morning on this noteworthy day : ) I will also add that this grapefruit was perfectly refreshing and awakening, just like I hope this coming week to be.

Have a beautiful evening!

I’ll be back soon with more on this little project you see below…

more softies for more babies

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