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A little splash of sunshine yellow to brighten up your week.

I have just posted these little boots in the shop. Don’t they make you think of rain boots in springtime, in Portland, OR? They do me.

yellow boots with blue stripes and buttons

tiny daisy

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First, I want to say hello and that I have not meant to be away from here for so long. There are many things I have been intending to do (including a fun giveaway!) but life has been so very full. I have been a little bit behind on everything, from returning emails to completing orders.

Some of you already know this if you have been following my flickr photos, but I have been waiting to make any big announcements until it felt like a more certain reality… My boyfriend and I are in the process of buying a house (woohoo!!), and are working our way through all that that entails – from meetings with our realtor to ordering house inspections to appliance shopping (it has not even a stove) to lengthy and important discussion about all these things. These things all have to happen at a time where I would otherwise be working for infusion – for my customers – as I am also currently still working nearly full time at the retreat center. We are almost finished completing all the necessary details and even though I still hold in reserve the possibility that something could fall through (though it would have to be something no one can even imagine, not even our realtor), we should be closing at the end of May.

In a time of such great change (which can sometimes also feel like a time of great uncertainty), this meditation I am about to share with you seems fitting… I am amazed how many people I know who are moving, getting married, having children, losing jobs, finding new jobs, or going through some other major life transformation at this time. So I like to take a deep breath, clear my thoughts, and remember that life is an amazing process, and change is welcome.


The self that you see

may be less than you are;

love yourself.

Open yourself and be more present.

Experiment with having fewer

belief systems…

they may be holding you back.

Be bravely present

in each part of you that hurts;

let change begin.

Still yourself and allow

the silence to emerge;

spend time in inner silence.

Accept the change that is upon you.

Rally yourself with the energy you

have and act now.

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I found this beautiful herringbone wool months ago, and have been resisting the temptation to cut into it until just the right project came along. Well these seemed like just the thing.

Now available in the shop. These cute mary janes will make your feet giddy : )

The rustic coconut buttons came from nurtured earth.

herringbone mary jane

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I have just posted a couple more pairs of shoes in the shop, in size 18-24 months. Other sizes are also available, upon request.

Check back for more styles for adults too…. coming very soon!

Japanese Hemp / Cotton Shoes

Eco Toes for Toddlers. Sage Corduroy

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This pair is my favorite. I made these many months ago, for my nephew, but he was already too big for them. I have hung onto them thinking I might meet another 2 year old, but so far I haven’t, and they just should not be sitting here unworn all this time.

So… in the shop they went!

little animals

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The Messenger

After months of wanting to do a revision of my Daily Messenger Bag, I finally made one up this week. I really like it! and I think you will too! It is sturdier, roomier and has more and bigger pockets. And of course, the strap is fully adjustable. This one is made with undyed hemp and lined with blue/gray cotton twill.

It’s in the shop, so come have a look!

the new hemp messenger

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There’s a new dress in the shop today!

abigail dress

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The shop is open! Come visit! A number of new items have been posted, with more on the way – hopefully to be available within the next week or so.The rains have returned, so I will be waiting for the next nice day to do a quality photo shoot.

Eco Toes in Ticking Stripe

Eco Toes in Vintage Cotton

Baby Shoes in Vintage Cotton/Linen

Wool / Tencel Mini Dress in Charcoal

pearl and pink linen blouse

green linen button blouse

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