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we made it!


After long weeks and months of patient (and sometimes not so patient) waiting, we finally have the keys in our hands and are able to officially call our new house “OUR HOUSE.”  It is still sinking in!  In addition to this, my entire family came for a visit – the first time all of us have been together here on the coast, where my sister and I have both lived off and on for nearly 10 years.  This visit just so happened to fall on the day the deal closed, so this last week has been beyond crazy. My brother’s birthday was on Friday and mine was yesterday and I feel like my attention has been demanded in 9 different directions at once.  I have been stealing every possible moment to work on filling orders and I want to say THANK YOU to my customers, who have been so incredibly awesome and understanding this week.  Things will start to level out again tomorrow and we are excited to develop a new rhythm in our lives.  There are great plans in the making and I am so excited.


And now, it’s time to get to work! I’ve got sewing to do and then carpet to pull.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Auction For Carol

auction for carol

Image property of Scott and Carol Decker

Recently, I learned of the unfathomable medical tragedy that changed the life of Carol Decker a year ago this Sunday. I don’t know Carol and her family personally, but I have been deeply touched by their incredible strength and optimism. Carol’s husband Scott maintains a blog, where you can learn about their story and the reality that Carol and her young family face.

Starting on Sunday June 14, there will be a 3 day silent auction to help raise funds toward the almost $80,000 in medical bills they will need to pay. This auction has been coordinated by Carol’s close friend Erica. I have donated an organic Rogue bag to help raise funds. If you would like to support this event, visit the Auction for Carol blog. If you would like to donate an item for the auction contact Erica at ericathur4@yahoo.com. There are so many wonderful items to bid on, so definitely check it out! You can also simply make a supportive monetary donation, by clicking the PayPal button on the right side of the page at the Auction for Carol site.

Since I learned about the Deckers, I think of them daily. Carol has been through something I can not even begin to imagine; physically, psychologically or emotionally. It is deeply inspiring to see her determination and strength to heal, be there for her children and to learn how to live her life in a new way.

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I am finding I have a new appreciation for pink. Particularly that delicate, baby pink and those dusty earthy pinks. So warm and soft, like a baby that just woke from a nap, with rosy cheeks and tousled hair.

Here’s a little pink from lately

pink baby boots

rosy pink feet

fresh eggs

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springing into summer

where I want to be

Spring seems to have come, and nearly turned to summer, almost overnight. The warming of the days has been so gradual here, that it has been hard to notice it’s even happening, except that for the last few days I have wanted to leave the back door open all afternoon and evening, to listen to Swainson’s Thrush singing it’s evening song, and hear the ocean rushing to the shore.

The life around me keeps me in touch… the flowers are exploding everywhere, and just in the last couple days there are a new set of floral explosions taking place, and a new migration of birds arriving. I feel a little bit antsy these days, wanting to drink up the spring air, go camping under the night sky, listen endlessly to the song of birds and feel the warm breezes on my face. This is a little bit of what is around me today.

The first rose bloom appeared…  first rose

baby birds are being born, and mama birds are very active…


the salmonberry are fruiting…


and the foxglove are getting ready to blossom into beautiful stalks of colorful bells…


I am sometimes overwhelmed by the vastness of worlds re-opening right now, springing back to life. It is deeply inspiring and fulfilling.

What changes are you observing where you live?

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