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I have added a couple new pairs of organic shoes to the shop.

One is for ladies, in golden yellow.  These will be quite limited… maybe 2 pairs.

organic eco toes in golden yellow

The other is for babies – a more subtle version of my very popular ‘Pink and Green.’

organic baby boots in pink and green

More new styles are in the works, including a fun surprise that has been long-awaited by some of you : )

I won’t make any promises on when though, as I life is so very full right now!

I hope you all have had a wonderful week! See you soon.

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an extended stay


We had an extended stay this week at the ‘lake house,’ as I like to call it. It was perfect.

Each day we worked hard, to that satisfyingly tired place where a shower, a simple chair and a solid meal is appreciated in a way you forgot was possible. We accomplished a lot which we are happy for, and we also learned new things about our home… like how much wonderful morning sunshine we receive from the deck, and that there are blueberry bushes in the yard ! (a little bird showed us), that there is constant crow activity which provides us with constant joyful amusement, and that the deer visit not once each evening but many times a day.

Here are a few bits from our stay… during the quieter, more restful, morning and evening times.







We are so thrilled to call this place home.

I now have a temporary sewing space set up, so I can work while at the house. Getting my work space fully functional is a top priority so that once we move in I will be effortlessly up and running. I can’t wait to see it take shape.

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A new color in the shop.

Organic Essentia Satchel

I have had this fabric on hand for a while now, and it’s just been begging to be made into something in time for the season of sunshine.

Check out the new Organic Essentia Satchel in Golden Yellow.

I hope you all have a spectacular weekend!

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a giveaway!

Hi friends!  Just wanted to let you know I am sponsoring a giveaway over at Sweet Greens.

giveaway at Sweet Greens

Head on over and enter to win! The contest ends July 15th at 12am EST.

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I must admit, we had fantasized a bit about the possibility that underneath all the carpeted areas of our new house, we would find beautiful old wood flooring that would just need a little refinishing… but that wasn’t the case. HOWEVER… I did make a little discovery this week…

The stairways have been an area we have not been quite sure what to do with. It can be a little bit complicated and time consuming to floor and trim such a multi-surfaced structure. We weren’t sure where this project was at at on our list of priorities, or how soon we would be ready to re-cover them if we pulled that carpet up…

stairway recovery project

Well, after taking the carpet out of that little bedroom last week and feeling the immediate improvement in air quality and aesthetic appeal, I felt pretty sure I was ready to risk it. We knew there would be some form of wood under there, and it would surely be better than dirty, stinky carpet. What I found though, beneath the dirt and grunge, was far better than I had imagined…

stairway recovery project

stairway recovery project

The wood has been marred by nails and staples and past haphazard paint jobs and trim jobs, but they are clean-able and natural and have great character. With a bit of attention, and maybe some trim, they will be beautiful. They actually bring back fond memories of the basement stairs back on the east coast when I was little.

stairway recovery project

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free bird

In general, I tend to be at odds with most every holiday and the ways in which they are “celebrated.” July 4 is no exception and is, in some ways, the holiday which saddens me the most. Heavy metals and other pollutants are burned into the air we breathe; streets, lakes, oceans and rivers are littered with these spent fireworks; accidental fires are set and people get injured. When I ask people why they participate in this kind of behavior, they can not come up with an answer that has meaning and even though they may be able to fully relate to how senseless it is, they will choose to participate anyway. When it is suggested that we come up with a new way to celebrate, with an intention behind our celebration and to creatively choose activities that have meaning to us, the response is often silence, discomfort or justification of the old way.

To do something because it has always been done, and because everyone else is doing it, does not make it the wise thing to do. This kind of mindless behavior is dangerous in a way that spans far beyond the seeming innocent act of participating in a pretty show of lights.

Stripped down to it’s simplest, this day signifies freedom. We need to challenge ourselves to act out of freedom… we have the freedom to choose and think in new ways; the freedom to act of ourselves, and to go beyond old beliefs; the freedom to leave behind destructive and senseless traditions and create new ones that are a creative celebration of life.

free like a child


I would like to share something fresh, on Freedom…




By acting in freedom

we free those around us.

Freedom is always total,

and for this you must let go

of your attachment to everything.

Attachment equals pain.

Attachments to security, spiritual

and social ideas serve only

to drain one’s energy.

Truly great acts need no attachment.

The struggle to realize yourself

as energy while in the form world,

brings freedom through awareness.

Freedom is our greatest responsibility; love is our

greatest freedom.



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The very first thing I have wanted to do in our new house is to get the carpet in the main floor bedroom out.  Immediately.  It didn’t matter what we would replace it with, or even when.  Something went on in this house, which we can only begin to guess about, but this particular carpet was saturated in urine.

So here we have my first project.

project1_1 My mom was visiting this week and she helped me pull the staples and carpet tackers out the following day.  It was very satisfying to get this out of there and to air out that room for real!  Simply cleaning up this one room has changed the overall feel (and aroma) of the whole main floor.project1_2

We’re starting to research paint, and are currently leaning toward natural clay plaster.  It comes in the most beautiful earthy tones, from pinks and yellows to blues and browns, and it’s entirely natural and from the earth.  And hopefully, we will have flooring ordered sometime in the coming week.  We’ll see how it goes.

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