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roof progress

roof project

Hello! Where have I been? What the heck is going on with that house, you ask? Well, here is some of what we have been up to this month. When we bought this house we knew that the first thing it would need was a roof. You see, the house had (and yep it still has) it’s flaws, and that big flat roof there in the front was one of the biggest. There were a number of leaks, causing mold and dry rot and inviting wood eating bugs and according to the neighbors, everyone who has lived in this house has suffered the plight of this roof, for years. I won’t go into the details, but the design was flat out crazy. To just replace the flat parts really would have been pretty simple and relatively inexpensive, but it just didn’t seem right to do the same crazy thing over again and so, we ended up with what has become at least a 3 phase project. I am happy to say it seems we are entering phase 3… but for now, here is a walk-through of most of phase 1.

That photo above shows the house as it was when we bought it. In fact, that photo was taken the first time we ever looked at it.

We started by taking down that storefront type board. It was rotting, unnecessary and really unattractive.

roof project

We have tried to save everything that is salvageable, and we kept every bit of solid wood from going to the dump. There have been quite a few instances already within this project, where we have been able to reuse some materials.


We decided to completely remove the porch covering. One of the worst leaks was just to the right of the top of the door. It was very moldy in there and pretty well infested with carpenter ants, and you should have seen the inside of the coat closet, which is just on the other side of that wall. Have you ever seen a wall growing fur?? This is also the south side and on the Oregon Coast, sunshine can be a really big deal! Being the sun lovers that we are we felt like we really wanted to open this side up as much as we could. We may even add a window in the future.

porch demolition

Here we have cut back the overhang quite a bit, minimizing everything down, preparing for the new one over the porch, and the new fascia. The porch covering is gone and those strange blue bedposts that used to stick out of that planter box are gone too.

roof project

Part of the plan to change the flaws, was to pitch this little roof over what is now the utility room. This would eliminate the most problematic area and update the look of the house a bit. The garage roof, unfortunately, is still pretty much flat although we removed some of the flaws that were in the old design (like downspouts within the roof structure, all of which were located in high spots!).

roof project

The framing of the new little pitched roof – our contractor’s fantastic idea.


roof project

In the next few days I hope to focus on some indoor projects a bit. There is a potentially exciting discovery I want to explore, which I’ll share the results of later.

Enjoy the day everyone! And thanks for visiting.

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a few projects

on my table today…

on my table

on my table

on my table

Sometimes I get distracted while I work, and just enjoy looking at textures and colors, picking new combinations of fabrics, and laying them out. It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to just play around in that textural way. This week I started having a little more fun with my camera again, taking photos of what ever stands and then allowing my eyes to see things in new ways. At a certain angle, in a certain light, and with a new perspective, the simplest shred of threads can suddenly become a work of art.

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Hi there! It’s been a crazy week but I did manage to get a couple things finished, photographed and posted for my intended shop update. I have just posted 2 new items in the shop. Expect a couple more later in the week.

belle ruche in bright blue

I’m excited about this new Belle Ruche in Bright Blue. I found quite a few yards of this heavy twill at the thrift shop last week and after a wash it softened up really nicely. It’s quite a heavy denim weight and is sure to age beautifully.

baby boots in green apple stripe

The new baby boots are made with some of my favorite colors and fabrics – a striped linen and a wonderfully textured green apple corded canvas.. and of course, a hemp sole.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! bye for now…

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Hey! Want to go to the beach?

Life has been so busy these days, it’s been hard to catch my breath. And aside from a little more sleep, a few more hours in each day and about 3 more hands and feet, I have been missing a great big dose of the beach. Yes, even though it is pretty much my backyard, I have not spent quality time down there in far too long. So yesterday the day was such that it would not have it any other way. I dropped everything and dashed on down and Wow, where have I been!! After some time down there with the sand between my toes, the warm sunshine on my face, and that cold salty water washing over my ankles, I feel like I have caught my breath again.

heading down the beach trail…


and onto the sand…………..





There is nothing so restorative as the vastness of nature.

Don’t forget to restore yourself in nature now and then. I hope you have all had a great weekend and are excited about the week ahead. And I hope to make it back here soon… We’ve been making some great progress on our house, and there are grand plans for a shop update by next weekend. Bye for now! xo

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crochet covered stone by Margaret Oomen

…and warmed by friendship.

I have not more than this moment to spare, but before too much time has passed I wanted to share this beautiful work of art and love. Pictures (of which I will post a few more in a few days) do not do this justice. This is the work of Margaret Oomen. I highly recommend visiting her blog, where you will find endless inspiration and enjoyment!

Thank you Margie, for this beautiful gift of your creativity.

And speaking of Margie, there was a recent feature on the blog “Hand Made Europe” where Margie shared her favorite places. And after you read that, you can come learn a bit about my favorite places too. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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