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Sometimes the simplest projects bring the greatest satisfaction.

You see, there are a lot of little quirks about our house. One of them is the fact that there is a window in our bathroom, right behind the toilet. The window is frosted, but not frosted enough apparently, and from the outside (right by the front door) you can even see the toilet tank. We ran a few tests, and in the right light (which is most light) you can see bare booties through that window!

You wouldn’t think it would have taken me this long (here we are at 10 months) to do something about this. Maybe it is my old skinny-dipping brazenness shining through. But at last I made a curtain! Needless to say, it has come as quite a relief, and as an added bonus I have really been enjoying seeing this fabric hanging. I have been holding on to it for over a year, waiting for just the right use.

So there you have it. A booty hiding panel of pretty vintage eyelet lace.

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happy earth day

It’s Earth Day today!

I think it’s a wonderful thing that a special day was set aside to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth, but admittedly I usually forget when Earth Day is, and it comes and goes before I realize it even happened. To me, everyday is equal, with relevance to caring for, appreciating, loving and enjoying Earth. This morning I am thinking about how I could celebrate today though. There are so many possibilities. I think of simple things, like laying on a bed of moss and feeling deep into the earth, going for a walk in the woods, having a picnic outside, listening with full attention to the birds and insects around me, feeling the breeze on my skin as I soak up the sunshine, or even playing in the rain if it happens to rain today… What do you do for Earth Day? What does Earth Day mean to you?

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these days

So much excitement and anticipation.

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it’s april !

Happy Easter to those of you celebrate!

We are having a little hit of winter here again.  I don’t think there were too many outdoor egg hunts happening in our little town this morning.

We had a stack of fence posts delivered yesterday, for the deer fence we will build around our little garden. We have always had deer come through our yard, but in the last couple of weeks herds of deer (as many as 12 at a time) have been coming through, and they get all feisty, right where we have planned our new vegetable garden. They wouldn’t even have to eat a thing and our potential harvest would have already been devastated! We like having them around and all, but there’s plenty to eat in other parts of the yard.

I have also been fantasizing a bit about having a couple of hens here, and am thinking about purchasing this book, recommended by Molly, who has her own brood of happy hens and chicks. We’ll see though. There are 2 of us living here here, and only 1 of us seems to be enthused about this idea so far.

Thanks for a kick butt sale last week!! (and sorry if that staled blog post caused anyone any confusion, considering the sale ended a week ago).

*  Enjoy the day!

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