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laugh + sweat + strive + rest = the equation for total contentment.

Wishing you all the best weekend ever.

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Happy Solstice everyone! We had a beautiful start to the summer season here. A day of shorts, tanks and flip flops, lots of time outside, digging in the dirt, with cold herbal tea and chocolate chocolate chip ice cream.

I have just added a couple new bags to the shop. They are both compact mid-sized messenger style bags, with depths of texture and plenty of great features for your summertime adventures! I had a lot of fun making these and am planning on making myself something similar soon.

Take a peek in the shop for more details and images.

See you soon! Enjoy the day!

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summer color

Lots of yellow popping up around here. Thought I’d share some. There’s a bit more yellow coming to the shop soon too.

We’ve got some fuzzy yellow caterpillars cocooning on the side of our house, and a flock of cedar waxwings came through yesterday – amazing with their vivid, waxy yellow tail tips.

And just a little reminder – don’t forget to let the dads in your life know that you love them this weekend.

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baby deer

One of the highlights of the year here has been seeing the little spotted baby deer appear. This spring we have been waiting, observing a couple of very pregnant moms graze and relax in the yard, and finally, early one morning last week, I spotted 2 tiny creatures on the far side of the lawn. There was quite a herd, with mom and babies, a big buck and a couple of 1 year olds. I was practically giddy, and had to refrain from waking Steven up. After that first glimpse, I decided to get out of sight and not make a spectacle, in an effort to make mom feel comfortable bringing them through here.

We finally got our fill of baby deer watching yesterday. Ahh, so dang cute!

This baby was so curious about mom going pee.

They are so little, and still funny and awkward like babies can be. While they mostly stayed close to mom, they were also very playful and ran around in circles with each other. I didn’t notice them eat much, but they seemed pick up pieces of grass and clover, taste it and then drop it, so I’d guess they are still nursing. I’ve never been anywhere that I have been able to observe wild animals so closely in this way. It’s really so amazing.

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Happy weekend friends! It’s been unbelievably beautiful here this weekend, with warm temps and plenty of sunshine. We are soaking it up in the garden and loving every minute of it.

Just popping in to let you know I have added this new tote to the shop, made with vintage pinstriped wool and recycled genuine leather.

Enjoy this Sunday afternoon! See you soon.

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Hello there beauties. A few more things in the shop today.

Blue and white striped summer tube scarf. 100% cotton jersey knit. Lightweight and fun to wear.

2 tone tote in red and brown. Larger and with a few more features than the last.

Hemp and leather rounded tote. Organically shaped, and with the beauty in it’s simplicity.

Take a peek in the shop for further details.

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2 tone tote

and 2 blog posts in one day…

There’s a new tote in the shop! Click on either image for details.

I am still working on photographing more of my new items and it’s way too beautiful outside today to be on the computer, but I will be adding more items to the shop soon.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Wooden spoon oil is typically a blend of mineral oil and natural waxes, and is easy to purchase online or at local stores that sell wooden kitchen items or counter tops. Until now, I had never treated any of our wooden utensils, boards or bowls, because I don’t feel comfortable using mineral oil, particularly on surfaces I will eat off of, and I know that a lot of vegetable oils, such as olive oil, can go rancid.

Mineral oil is a petroleum by-product, and even though they tell you it is “safe,” and sell it over the counter in various forms, I disagree. Just read up on the symptoms associated with petrol in the materia medica. There are a lot of things regarded as safe, which are simply not.

I did a little research, and found that heat treated walnut oil is a suitable natural alternative. It does not go rancid like other vegetable oils and it is truly food-based / food safe.

This recent post at 3191, is what inspired me to make my own, and I followed the amounts Stephanie used. She has so many wonderful ideas for the home. I purchased a 16 ounce bottle of walnut oil and a one pound brick of beeswax from fairyfolk on etsy. With a hatchet I knocked about 1/4 of my brick off and then chopped it into chunks.

Put your beeswax chunks into a quart mason jar, bring a pot of water to boil, carefully immerse your jar into the water and the wax will slowly melt. Once it’s a liquid, remove it from the water.

Now pour your full 16oz bottle of walnut into another mason jar, and immerse the jar into the water to heat the oil (if it is cooler than the wax, it will cause the wax to coagulate unevenly when you blend the 2). Finally, pour your heated oil into the jar of wax, stir and let cool. I stirred it every so often as it cooled, to keep it well blended. It is amazing stuff! Smells delicately sweet, makes a wonderful hand and foot salve, and lip ointment too.

Rub the oil into the clean dry wood, let it set for a while (I left it for a day or so) and then rub off any excess with a cotton cloth. If things feel too oily before you are ready to use them, you can wash them with warm soapy water and then dry with a cloth.

This process of renewing my kitchen wood was very satisfying. I sanded quite a few items before oiling to remove inconsistencies, stains and rough spots, and the finished result is perhaps even better than I had expected.

If you decide to try this, have fun with it!

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A small shop update for the 1st of June… Two new pairs of eco toes, in vintage wools. This is my favorite style so far, and the wool lends itself to it perfectly I think.  I know, it’s almost summer, but it sure doesn’t feel like it here in Oregon (as I sit here in a heavy sweater, with long pants and slippers).  Some of my customers have told me that they wear their eco toes in their air conditioned houses during the summer, to keep their feet from getting cold. I love that. So if you happened to be one of the people who missed out on the wool tweed pairs back in March (which FLEW out of here in the most amazing way!), you might just want to check these out.

Can’t believe it’s June! Hope y’all are doing sooooo fine. I’ll be back soon with a larger shop update… or maybe a few small ones… not sure which yet… just tryin’ to keep flyin’ by the seat of my pants!

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