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It’s raining today. The first real rain in 2 months! It was a little bit surprising at first (and I’m not quite ready for fall to be so near), but I’m savoring it, and I can feel the earth taking a long awaited drink. I slept quite late and we’re cozied up in sweaters, and even though we are both working, it’s been restful somehow.

This summer has been kind of a busy blur. There have been a lot of great things happening, preparations for things to come, ideas slowly culminating into realities and a lot of seeds have been planted which we will see flourish in the coming months and years. I’ve been pondering on ways to slow it on down though, and savor each day more. It’s amazing how tough it is to slow down in this world that seems to move so fast. What do you like to do to keep your busy lives in balance?

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Nothing quite like water and sunshine to rock you back to a place of peace.

Tough couple of weeks, rounded out by rest, relaxation, rejuvenation and a change of scenery.

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fresh picked

Blueberries! My favorite food of all time. We are big blueberry eaters here, all year long (frozen organic for most of the year), so nothing beats the treat of having an abundance of fresh picked. Straight up, in smoothies, with a drizzle of half and half, on top of my oatmeal, in a glass of wine, whichever way – I like them raw and fresh. I usually can’t bring myself to cook with them or can them and while the idea was to pick enough to freeze, I think 13 quarts will be gone in no time. Yum! We might have to go a few more times before the season here is up.

The owner of the farm gave us a couple of cuttings, and we are trying some experimental propagation. If we had a 100% success rate, we should have a dozen little bushes next year. But I’d be happy with even just a few. I am learning how easy this kind of propagation is, and we are super excited about it. I’ll try to report any notable successes and failures here, in case any of you are interested.

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I’ve been having a blast this week sewing up some new totes. My mom was recently visiting and requested a tote style bag with kind of short but not too short straps, and a sturdy square bottom so it can sit upright when you set it down. I have also been needing a larger bag for day trips, so once she left I hopped upstairs and got to work. I have so many really nice fabrics – vintage, linen, canvas, wool – in smallish quantities that go unused in my usual line of work, so I focused on using those, almost exclusively. The evolution from the first bag to the last was really fun. There’s nothing like sewing freely, without constraints. Sometimes it takes me a bit to shift out of that mode, as I spend a lot of time filling very defined orders, but once I do I can spend from morning until night up there, without hardly a break. These came loosely from the concept of the 2-tone totes from a while back.

I hope to start adding these to the shop this evening. See you soon!

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I first saw this over at enhabiten, and with further investigation, found this image below. I love it so much!

image property of the sartorialist

Interesting, funny, uncomfortable, beautiful; the body language amongst them all is so strong it’s amazing. There is so much going on here! What especially catches my attention is the tallest girl looking to the woman. What on earth is going through her mind.

I am kind of a nerd when it comes to the details. I could examine the simplest of things forever and be intrigued by all kinds of details that most people would overlook or find completely uninteresting. This is one of those things i could look at for far too long.

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