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makin’ yo

I can’t imagine how it took me so long to start making my own yogurt. It’s so easy! It’s incredibly satisfying and feels so nourishing.

The satisfaction comes in many ways – from the feeling in your belly when you eat it, to the fact that there is no plastic container to recycle, the cost is significantly less, and the processing is done in my own kitchen with my own trusted cookware and with the milk of my choosing. The flavor is lightly tart, mellow and smooth, and the texture is creamier – like a cross between kefir and yogurt. With fresh picked blueberries, it makes a perfect breakfast or snack. I think I may never turn back.

I got started with some help from Amanda, as well as a really excellent step by step instructional here. For the incubation period, I put all my jars in a pre-warmed cooler with 4 quart-sized mason jars full of hot water, and I let my yogurt ferment for 8 hours. I’d like to try to come up with an electric heating pad, in order to maintain a warmer temperature, but this method worked pretty well.

Soon, I’d like to make some kefir. It’s tough to find unflavored kefir here, and it is very expensive. My understanding is that I would simply need some kefir as a starter, instead of yogurt – the difference being a different strain of bacteria. If you have made either, and have any experiential advice, I’d love to hear.

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Photo by Kristin Lloyd - bonbon new york

A refreshing site focusing on natural choices for your baby and your home. I thought the mom’s out there might appreciate it (and thank you Kristin, for featuring my baby boots!). And check out the “make your own non-chlorine bleach” article. We have stopped using laundry detergent almost entirely , and use hydrogen peroxide instead. Clothes come out feeling so fresh and light, and free of that coated feeling detergent can leave over time.

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Stumbled onto these bags today while taking a break from sewing. I love the function and utility of military packs, and the use of materials that wear so well.

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[soon to be] new for fall

Lots of sewing going on. I have just finished up a wholesale order, and am working diligently to get shop orders completed and shipped, and then I hope to bust out a bunch of new bags for fall/winter. I have made up some prototypes and I am likin’ what’s coming together.

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infusion’s eco toes were featured on Apartment Therapy Re-Nest this week! Check out this little article about why to wear house shoes (or at least why not to wear your shoes in the house). I couldn’t agree more with what Angie had to say.

So why don’t we wear shoes in our house?

We think of our home as a sanctuary; a clean, pure, comfortable space that nurtures us and relaxes us. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all perfectly tidy in here all the time. And being that this is the home of a full time seamstress and of people who LOVE wool, it is not uncommon to find herds of dust bunnies (do bunnies travel in herds?). But they are clean bunnies! Anyway, it is comforting to know that we don’t have to worry about the things we may have tracked in, and dragged throughout our home.

There are so many possibilities of what those things may be, that it would be impossible to count… Like the loogie you might have stepped on at the park, or the trace of dog poo that you may have picked up off the thrift store floor from some OTHER person’s shoe, or the traffic grime on the street you walked down, or that bit of oil that had dribbled on the driveway, or the herbicides from the landscaping in front of that restaurant you admired… You get my drift, I’m sure. Not trying to gross anyone out (well, okay yes I am), it’s just that in reality, it really is pretty gross what ends up on the bottom of our shoes. Gotta draw the line somewhere, and for me it is at the front door. I can’t even imagine wearing shoes in our house ever again.

So while house shoes aren’t a necessity (barefoot is fun too), limiting our exposure to toxins, and other things which may compromise our health and well being, is really important to me, if for no other reason than the peace of mind it brings.

Do you wear shoes at home? ( If you do, did I just gross you out? )

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I feel like a squirrel getting ready for winter. I want to do so many things at once these days, and there is a renewed excitement for it all. I’ve been spending a little extra time in the kitchen – in the mood for cooking and baking and yogurt making. There’s been huckleberry picking, and I can’t wait to go chanterelle picking! This morning I went with my sister for what may have been the last of the blueberry picking. There have been spontaneous runs to the lake for quick swims, spur of the moment dates with my guy, sketches for new sewing (hopefully to be revealed soon), the craving for long walks, challenging bike rides and full body stretching. It feels great to have what seems to be a new rhythm forming, and that new vigor that come with earthly changes.

This week we reviewed the past year, and considered ways to improve the different areas of our lives – health and healing, meditative time, our relationship, creative flow, social time, work and financial stability – to name a few. It helped to clarify what areas need work, and how to expand upon what is working well.

What gets you excited about the coming of fall? What internal changes do you notice with the shift of this, or any, season?

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Mini mushrooms, with a life cycle of one day. They appeared overnight like miniature fairy tale forests, and then were gone just as fast.

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