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We have started choosing seeds for this year’s garden. I love this phase of planning. So many possibilities! The catalog laying open on the table is from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I  highly recommend checking them out. All the seeds they offer are heirloom varieties and there is so much to choose from. I wish melons grew better here because their heirloom melon selection is huge, and we are big melon heads.

A favorite treat lately has been sun dried tomatoes. We bought a pound of organic sundried tomatoes recently. They were salt preserved (instead of toxic sulfur) so after soaking in water for a couple hours, and then rinsing a few times, they are not too salty. Then we store them in olive oil, a pint jar at a time, and enjoy them on home made toasted bread, pasta, salads, grain dishes – so yummy! And the extra olive oil is delicious as well, infused with sundried tomato flavor.

I have finally managed to add a few things to meadow + mark. “Soon” is a relative term I guess. I know I had mentioned a shop update was coming “soon” quite some time ago. The leather backpack sold within minutes of listing it today. I know there was a lot of interest in it, so I’m sorry to any of you who missed out.

Also, I added a new tote to the infusion shop. I got some super nice pure wool herringbone in a couple weeks ago. Very happy with it. It’s very soft yet sturdy. I am thinking it would make a really nice skirt, if I could ever find the time. There is one in navy coming soonish as well.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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little winter garden

Treats for the bees and treats for us.

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gather and create

Some things from around the house and yard. Seems to be a theme of ‘gather and create’ these days… I suppose that’s always happening in some way, but it feels more pronounced lately.

The photo above shows our hydrangea cuttings, which we started back in October. A couple weeks ago one of them started putting on some new growth and has really picked up the pace, and seems a little bigger by the day. This is really exciting for me! There is so much potential for expanding many kinds of food and landscape plants easily and inexpensively, and for sharing plants amongst one another. The hydrangea are from our parents yard, and there is something truly satisfying about sharing in this way. It has an awesome feeling of living connectedness.

Today we went on a little day trip to a friend’s farm. SO much knowledge was shared, and we came home freshly inspired. I have a list of things we will consider planting this year, many with medicinal properties. It’s refreshing to think outside the box of classic garden staples. We took lots of photos, so I will probably share some here soon.

So what gets you all excited lately?? …………………….and if nothing comes to mind, you should jump up out of your chair, jump into your shoes without thinking, run straight out the door and do something excitable out in the fresh cool air!


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Two new bags in the shop, thanks to a couple of special requests. The Rucksack in natural canvas, and the comeback of an old favorite tote.

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There are high hopes for a meadow + mark update soon. A few peeks of some of those items above, and a photo in honor of my dear friend coffee. Oh, dear coffee, you make my mornings so sweet.

I started running in the morning these last few days, and I am hoping to make it a regular thing for a while. The past month has been like no other, with huge amounts of time spent in my studio working (and I am so grateful for the work!!). A lot of this time is pretty sedentary, and none of this time is outdoors. By nature, I am a pretty active person who loves to be outdoors, and a new balance has definitely been in order. I have woken many mornings these past couple weeks, craving to go out and run around, breathe heavily, sweat and get rosy cheeked. Feels awesome! What’s your favorite physical activity to get your heart pumping?

(okay, I just couldn’t help myself on the title!)

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The end of my last roll of khaki cotton canvas, marked the switch to my new organic canvas. This material is 100% certified organic, and uses low impact dyeing methods. I received a nice sized roll last week and this is now being used to line the Rucksacks and Day Packs.

I try to keep a balance in the variety of materials I offer in the shop and while my focus has always been on organic, I offer a few conventional fabrics for the purpose of providing more options to my customers. I will keep working to replace these fabrics with organic, more sustainable alternatives. While the cost is a bit higher, I always do my best to keep final costs down for my customers. I feel it’s a really worthy switch.

The organic cotton materials I use are GOTS Certified, Control Union (SKAL) inspected, fall under the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, are dyed with low impact dyes…


Here are a few links for those who might be interested.

Oregon Tilth – GOTS

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Organic Trade Association

Control Union (SKAL)



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Loved this video about European linen. Seeing this process gives me that feeling I talked about once, in my Etsy featured seller interview. The name “infusion” came from the feeling of the weave of a rich, thick, un-dyed linen. Linen – it’s smell, it’s physical texture, it’s visual characteristics – is one of those things that affects me almost physically – it excites some part of me. I really loved hearing them refer to linen as a living material.

Video found via

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day pack

There’s a new Day Pack in the shop with a couple new features, in a new gray canvas – really soft, and of course very sturdy, and lined with certified organic cotton canvas.

Also, just a little heads up that if anyone has been eying the herringbone tote, this will be the last one available. This is a vintage fabric, which I had only a limited supply of.

Thank you so much for all the amazing and thoughtful suggestions for eating well on the run. You girls are the best!

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meal in a cup

I know there are  lot of studio pictures these days, but really, this is where I spend the majority of my time lately.

I’m here to ask you all for some ideas… Something that often gets neglected when I’m busy working, is meal time (aside from dinner, which my boyfriend generously cooks for us every night). I do take breaks for snacks, like toast with cheese, nuts and seeds, dried fruit (and organic trek mix and dark chocolate from the best parents in the universe!); but some days it is easy to forget until I realize I’ve become a total space cadet. It helps a lot to have quick, easy, mess-free meals that I can bring up with me during the day. Smoothies are my favorite (the meal-in-a-cup), but variety would be nice sometimes, you know? So, I thought I’d ask you all, what nourishing foods do you like to have when you are eating on the run? I’d love to hear!

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