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I’ve been feeling rather sensitive lately, about the way people seem to have forgotten that the earth is alive. The earth is a living organism. Hacking, maiming, burning, gouging, drilling, suffocating, poisoning, polluting, stealing and stealing and stealing… with no return… these are not ways to treat a living organism. The earth sustains us, makes it possible for our very existence here. It is irreplaceable.

I won’t stop trying to be as gentle as a flower, but it’s not helping matters, and for me that’s tough.

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in stripes

Hi friends. It was nice to focus on something besides the news this morning and I worked on editing the photos for a new rucksack (in stripes!) which will be in the shop soon.


I’ve been steadily working to get caught up on the influx of orders that have come in over the past weeks. I know I have said it before, but I am touched daily by how kind and supportive and patient and generally awesome you all are.  Simply the best. And it makes me feel even luckier to be able to do what I do.

I hope you all are having an easy day. Time for me to make some lunch and get to work.


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a sense of scale

This link was just sent to us  http://www.abc.net.au/news/events/japan-quake-2011/beforeafter.htm

We are pretty glued to the news right now. Seems as though the worst case scenario is unfolding. We have mostly been following the the BBC and NHK – which is a Tokyo news site. If you have a news site you think provides clear and current news, feel free to pass it on. It can be hard to find it all in one place.

Some of the latest, for any who haven’t been following closely and are interested:

Third blast at Fukushima

Explosion at Fukushima, at #2 reactor

Meltdown may be happening

Q & A: Risk of Meltdown

Reports are now out about a fire at the #4 reactor at Fukushima, which is emitting smoke that “may contain” radioactive material. The evacuation radius is expanding, and the risk to human health is becoming very serious. Serious enough that the prime minister has made an announcement to the people that this is so.

Oh my, Japan, you are in my thoughts day and night.

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thinking ahead

We’ve been closely following the situation with the nuclear plants in Japan. We live on the Oregon Coast, which is relatively close to Japan – straight across the pacific ocean. My partner has been sending emails to friends and family as he comes across valuable information and I thought I’d share his latest with you all, with some of my own additions.

Since nuclear fall out could come this way what should one do?
It is smart to be ready, and research takes time.
Normally Potassium Iodide is recommended to protect yourself from radiation poisoning. In a nuclear situation, there are high concentrations of radioactive Iodine and Cesium. The body does not distinguish between radioactive and non-radioactive minerals. The body treats it like it would potassium, which is why potassium is suggested.

The idea is that if the body has a full supply of these minerals, it will not take up the radioactive forms. If the body is deficient, it will readily absorb the radioactive minerals. In a case where we have some time, ideally we would get our minerals from food sources. Taking extra kelp and dulse – both valuable food sources of Iodine, as well as foods high in potassium such as bananas, avocados, black strap molasses – would be supportive. Apples are high in pectin, which bind to radioactive particles. Buckwheat is high in rutin, a bioflavinoid that protects against radiation. Calcium and magnesium are also recommended and are said to help prevent the body from absorbing radioactive minerals.

Antioxidant rich foods also support the body in defending itself on a cellular level.

There was a report that the radioactive levels in Oregon are currently normal, but in the event that further catastrophe occurs it is not far-fetched to consider we could be affected. We are definitely not in a panic here, but this is a highly concerning situation and it is wise to be as functional and pro-active as we can be. Give your body whatever you can to help it protect itself.

Some links:

Large Blast at the plant that is heading in to melt down phase.

Jet Stream:

The water vapor loop is interesting. We will try to find a map/loop that is better.

Union of Concerned Scientists

Nuclear News: (might be some what slanted but more info than most…)

I am thinking so much of the people in Japan. It is hard to imagine having to evacuate my home, with not only the unthinkable devastation caused by the quake and tsunami, but now the threat of radiation exposure.

If anyone has links of interest, or helpful information, anything you want to share, I’d love to learn more.

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reaching out

Reaching out to wish my best to anyone who is being affected by the earthquake in Japan or by the tsunami that has followed. Parts of my small coastal town were evacuated early this morning and people were shaken up and frightened, but all are okay.


Even more frightening than the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami though, is the possibility for nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan. This would be a tragedy far beyond our comprehension, that would affect us far and wide.

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organic canvas

I have just received a roll of certified organic natural canvas. This canvas is unbleached and un-dyed, and just like the natural canvas that this is replacing, you can still see the flecks from the cotton fiber. It’s the real stuff, like real organic vanilla bean ice cream! Yum!

The Natural Canvas Rucksack is now certified organic, inside and out. Woo! For the time being there won’t be a price increase. I will make a little announcement ahead of time, when/if I need to.

Now back to work!

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hello march


inspiring materials for spring

thank you deer (and slugs), for not eating the crocuses


I am feeling so excited for warmer days. Last night I fell asleep to the sound of frogs for the first time this year. Yesterday we had coffee in the hot sun, hung the laundry outside, and my feet were bare (but not necessarily warm) all day. And my cheeks are now rosy with sunshine. Such a huge, full body boost that sunshine gives!

It’s been a really busy time in my work life, and this week some kind of magic pause happened here and there, and I was able to catch up on home life just a little. The simplest things, like washing the dishes, cooking dinner, cleaning up the piles I have been making all over the house, doing some laundry, tilling a garden bed, even starting my taxes (oh wait, that’s work life), felt awesome.

I hope to be around this space a little more this week, but if not – see you soonish.

And a huge thanks to all my customers for being so supportive and patient. If I could sew any faster I would.

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