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summer babies

Two new little cuties showed up here last week and have showed up every day for the last few. Mom has been tucking them in a little hideout near our shed, while she forages intensively in the surrounding area, throughout the day and into the evening. We feel super lucky that she trusts to leave them here. I wish I could tell the deer apart better, but I am thinking this may be the same doe that tucked her babies in that same spot last year. She would be very familiar with us from the past couple years, and we have always offered lots of space and respect.

Every now and then these little babies venture out of their hiding place to eat and cautiously explore. It is so fun to watch them! Wish I could replay some of their funny behaviors for you. One of them had the funniest interaction with a crow the other day. It’s so endearing to see new beings explore their new world.

This year it’s been a lot different than last, possibly due to the cougar that was hanging around the area recently. These babies are much more cautious than I remember the babies of last spring/summer being, and I’ve been surprised to see how much time they spend on their own. Since the last cougar sighting, we didn’t see a single doe for weeks, and started seeing bucks often – which had been a rarity for a while. One day we even saw a buck all scratched up with blood on it’s fur. Needless to say, we are super happy to see this mama and her little ones. It really feels like a sacred thing to be able to observe this.

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happy summer

I think it’s really, finally here. Happy summer to all of you in the northern hemisphere. xo

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Summer is coming alive here. The soothing sounds of the migrant summer birds, sunlight streaming into places that it hasn’t for many months, flowering herbs, fruiting trees, mosquitoes and bats. The spring peepers have given way to bullfrogs, and the dragonflies are everywhere again, seeking warm peaceful places to land. I love it all and want to savor every second. It’s hard not to want to be outside every single second!


Sometimes I feel like life is just cranking by, and I am afraid of how much I’m missing, like I’m behind on the truly important parts, and will never be able to catch up. To be able to toss out all the excess, all the man made distractions, and live in little wooden hut with lots of windows, with an outdoor shower, an outdoor kitchen, a few chickens for fresh eggs, an abundant garden, a stream nearby… Doesn’t that sound about right? Oooh, it does to me.

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so much stitching

Lots of stitching happening here.

Getting excited about some new work, which I hope to be able to share in the near future.

Why can’t the days just be twice as long??

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the essence of handmade

I don’t usually share about personal packages I receive, but there have been a few recently, that I have felt inspired about. One such recent arrival, was a package from enhabiten.

I have appreciated Liane’s work for years, and finally have been able to hold some in my own hands, and see it in person. To me, the essence of handmade is here. There is a depth in her work and a clear, unmistakable mark of the creative human hand. Natural, useful, beautiful, textural, there is something really touching about it.

My zip pouch is full of the little things that end up all over my desk (otherwise known as our coffee table), like pens, SD cards, a mini notebook, a hair clip. It’s the prettiest way to stash these kinds of things that I have ever had. And the scarf is as satisfying to look at as it is to wear. I feel super fortunate to have these things in my home.

You can find enhabiten here.


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from japan





Received a sweet little parcel from Japan the other day. Thank you Coco. Coco’s blog is a favorite peaceful spot to visit.

I already planted the Cardiospermum seeds, and I learned that the name means heart seed. The seeds are beautiful and unusual looking, with a little white heart on them. I also learned that this plant is used medicinally for treating skin conditions. The seeds and leaves contain triterpenoids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. Creams are made with the plant to treat eczema and dryness. They are also grown ornamentally, and are sometimes called Balloonvine. I planted them right away, and look forward to growing little balloons : )

With email being so heavily relied on, it really is such a satisfying, simple thing to exchange mail.

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First cosmos blossom, grown from seed.

Beautiful string scarf, pure textural bliss.


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