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First I want to say THANK YOU, for a super successful sale on Friday! I was very happy to see how many of you made use of the coupon.

I think it is finally setting in, that Christmas is around the corner. Yes I’m a little slow! I swear every year flies by faster, and even though all the cues were there – colder temps, the end of daylight savings, Halloween, Thanksgiving… on some level I feel like I just hardly came out of summer mode.

Today is a busy day, and I’ll be back soon when I have a few more minutes… wanted to quickly let you know there is free US shipping in the shop today. Just enter the discount code USFREESHIP at checkout, and the savings will be automatically applied. And for my international buyers, if you would like to make a purchase today, send me a note and I will provide you with a shipping discount. This offer ends tonight – November 28 – at midnight.


ps – no, it’s not snowing here

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This one is for you – my sweet, smart, amazing, supportive readers… we are having a sale! One day only, Friday November 25, save a whopping 15% off any order placed in the infusion shop. Simply enter the coupon code FRIDAY15 when you place your order. The sale ends at midnight, Pacific time. This offer may not be used in conjunction with other deals or discounts, and may not be used on custom orders.

We don’t have sales very often, and 15% off is almost unheard of, so if you have been hemming and hawing about something, now might be just the time to make up your mind.

Have a great weekend everyone; and thank you, so sincerely, for your support!

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the satchel

New bag in the shop! I am really excited about this one. My ideal size. You know what they say – necessity… it’s the mother…

I hope you guys are having a great start to the week. We are in a big rain storm with 50-60 mile wind gusts predicted tonight. I love this rainy, ozone rich air.

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Excited to see our rucksack in gray, in the December issue of Whole Living Magazine! Thanks, Natalie, for bringing this to my attention. And thanks to a super awesome mom for tracking this down for us.

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a few things




Liking lately…

Espresso drinks and chocolate. Mmm, need I say more…

One of Gram’ Althea’s paintings. Makes the hallway feel more like part of our home.

Our  torn up bathroom… and my new vintage LL Bean cardigan.

Studio cleanup mission… accomplished!

Living room dance parties, to the tune of Michael Jackson (sorry, no photos of this one!).  Here’s one to get you out of your seat!!  xo


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Just added a couple new things to each shop.

Over at infusion there is a new day pack in vintage military canvas and leather – I LOVE this leather; and a new wool herringbone pencil pouch (okay I LOVE this herringbone too!).

At Meadow + Mark there is rad little pair of woven leather lace-ups – wish I was a size 7! – and an accordion style peg rack.


I know it has been pretty quiet around here. Some exciting things have been happening over here for infusion. Like REALLY exciting. I will share more soon.


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new views





What’s cookin’ friends? Does it seem like life is extra jam packed for you too? I have had this sense lately, that there is an escalation of sorts happening, and at any moment, there will be a release of some kind. Hopeful? Maybe. But this feeling has a positive pressure rather than a draining quality. During times like these I have learned it’s best to step back a bit and keep an observing eye… not get too caught up with the details. Exciting shifts and changes are usually preceded by this very feeling.



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