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season’s greetings


Cheers, to a season (and beyond) full of beauty and joyful expression!

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Now in the shop. This one was made back in the summer, when the days were warm and soft.

Today is pretty warm, and quite soft. We even sat out on the porch for a while, stripped off all of our sweaters and sleeves, and soaked up some sunshine. It’s amazing how nurturing and healing a little bit of sunshine can be.

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Just a quick stop in to let you know I’ve just added a couple more items to the shop. Both are ready for immediate shipment.

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Yesterday I thought the date was 12-12-12 all day. Seemed pretty cool, but I didn’t think much else about it. I wrote it on all the customs forms I filled out, created a new folder on my computer with that date, and wrote a check dated for next year. I’m not sure what brought me back to reality, but it wasn’t until dinnertime I realized. That ought to give a few people something to wonder about.

Thank you for all the awesome feedback on your favorite songs to boogie to. It’s so fun to try new things!! We found some new favorites, and I will share a list soon. But you’re gonna have to promise to free your mind and join us – and be prepared to get up and dance, when you click the links I share. K?

I added a new bag to shop this morning. I have a few bags here, that I haven’t had a chance to put in the shop. Hopefully they will trickle in through the week.

Gotta get back to work now… Have a most fantastic day everyone.

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Enjoying a few minutes of down time this morning and thought I’d stop in and say hello. The studio has been a highly active, productive, dynamic place these days! I am trying to just remain calm and enjoy myself up there. Deadlines are tricky, but high paced multi-tasking high efficiency is something I love and do really well with, once I get in my groove.

This time of year, when my big venture out is often the trip to the mailbox at the top of the drive and around the loop – (to which I RUN with glee as I drink up the cold crisp air), I realize that it’s the littlest things that punctuate these days where I am so absorbed in my work. That morning latte. A late afternoon walk (IF there is time). A cuddle with my guy. A glass of wine. GROOVIN out to some dance tunes while dinner is cooking.

We LOVE groovin out in the evening these days, and we NEED some new songs in our rotation. What is your favorite music that gets you moving? The kind of stuff that makes getting up and moving your booty totally irresistible! In fact, as a little incentive, I will send (after my Christmas shipping deadline) a little something to 2 people who leave ideas in the comments. Don’t be shy! We aren’t music snobs, we just like to move our bodies.

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