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A few snaps from around here lately.

And right now, I am…

resting a bit, after a long productive day (that started at 4am. Wish I could do this every day, ha!).

feeling the cool dampness in my hair, wet from the rain.

hearing the swainson’s thrush singing it’s whirling song. They just returned last week and it is the most amazing music to my ears.

tasting some red wine, that a sweet guy just handed me.

wishing the washing machine would stop beeping please.

noticing my lights are on upstairs. need to be better about that.

thinking it’s time to head on up to the studio.

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday weekend. xo

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side by side

Sweeties. Restful day for deer today. The mamas are looking super pregnant. Should be new tiny babies soon.

I’ve been too busy to sit down and blog lately, but am looking forward to sharing about a few things soon – gardening, dealing with slugs, balancing busy days, and a simple recipe to name a few :)

I hope your weekend was superb. Did you see the solar eclipse today? Too foggy here for us to see.

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may 17

Hi there! Blasting windy here today. The kind of crazy wind that makes you want to hide indoors. So here I am computing on my break, instead of gardening. Today was the day I had declared I’d put my cucumber plants in the ground. Another day I guess…

There’s a new tote in the shop today. Same design as the old favorite 2-tone, made up in single tone waxed canvas.

Hopefully I will make it back here tomorrow for a Friday garden journal post… Have a great night all.

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A new case for the shop. I love the weathered finish on this leather. Soft and comfortable, with the appearance that it just simply belongs.

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A favorite simple meal these days. I joke that I could eat it for every meal, but it’s really not a joke! Garden kale (red russian and lacinato) chopped and massaged in olive oil, then tossed with chopped garden arugula, home made garbanzo beans and a simple dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, tamari and minced garlic. With the addition of avocado, and alongside home baked bread and brie, I can’t think of a better dinner lately. Any simple, fresh foods you are especially enjoying these days?

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in our element

First, I have to mention that these are all pictures from last year. Last summer to be exact. I was looking through my photo folders in search of a few favorites, for an order of postcards I just placed. I was so taken by everything that fell within the season of summer, that I got distracted. So distracted that I got delayed on ordering.

As I walked back to the house from the garden this afternoon, I was struck by all the details of this season, which is really settling into it’s own. The lavender in full bloom, and the poppies starting to open, and the doors wide open, and all the garden starts getting so big all over the porch. I was filled with happiness and excitement. We are in our element here on these warm sunny days. To get out of bed and throw on a simple tank and a cotton skirt… to go straight outside and be amongst the birds… to linger in the garden and observe new growth… to sit out on the patio late, sip wine, and listen to the frogs on the lake… it feels like a little bit of paradise.

What’s your paradise like? I looked that word up and loved this simple definition:: Paradise is a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless.

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simple things

Simple happy things…

First artichoke, discovered.

“Super” moon in the crisp night air.

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A mini garden update, mostly from the porch… I’ve been slackin’ on my garden updates! Though I must admit, I haven’t spent a huge amount of time in the garden this past week or so.

My little baby plants are growing up fast. I’m not ready to put the real heat lovers in the ground yet, so I’ve started transplanting to bigger containers. Everything is looking healthy with solid root systems developing.

The beets and turnips are peeking above ground now, and the beans are all up and looking great. I started putting copper tape around the perimeter of the garden to keep those darn slugs out. I am feeling pretty hopeful about this non-toxic, non invasive solution, which I will share more about soon. The slugs have been chomping the lower leaves of the peas at an alarming rate, and nearly devastated the echinacea before it could even get going. When I realized what was happening with the echinacea I started to intervene by covering them with cloches at night. They have begun to fill out pretty quickly now (“they” meaning the whole lot of 2 of them. A tiny turnout, but I was happy to see that any of them made it from last year).

Our crazy jungle of kale is finally getting a notable dent put in it. We harvested a couple crates full yesterday, and this morning I blanched and froze it all for future soups. There is now enough space to walk down the paths again, un-encroached upon : )

Looks like we are in for a stretch of sunshine finally, and some warmer temperatures. I’m looking forward to getting some more seeds in the ground this week.

This is not exactly garden related, but it was a sweet sight. These gals must have had a long night. We rarely see them this sprawled out and restful, and never all at once.


Are you going to check out the super moon tonight? The clouds started rolling in here, but I am hoping we can at least get a peek.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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