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rainy day in the studio

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon here. This is the first real rain we have had for a couple months, I think. The plants are in thirst quenchy bliss! I’m feeling a little bit sleepy and productive at the same time… content and peaceful. We are coming out of a full weekend spent with family, and now I’m back in the studio working today. Hoping to have a date set soon, for the shop reopening – should be within the week, and I will make an announcement here as soon as I know.

I never would have anticipated such a long closure, but it turns out I needed a break even more than I realized. It’s been feeling great to be back in production.

Enjoy the rest of this weekend. xo

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late summer

I am feeling the tug of autumn… a crispness in the morning and evening air, a depth and a length in the light and the sounds of the days, a change in the color of the maple trees’ leaf tips…

and I am savoring these last weeks of summer.


We are painting and planting and swimming and stocking up… resting a little, working a lot… So fleeting it all is.


I’ll be back soon with some news of the shop. I’ve been sketching and planning, exploring and sewing.


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Today I found myself in and out of the garden all day. There is so much to be picked and enjoyed this time of year. I thought I’d share some of the gifts of the day.


This morning, after making coffee, I went down to the blueberry bushes and picked a bowl full for us (we ate them too fast to even think about a photo). On the way back, I stopped at the hoop house and picked a little pile of tomatoes. It’s been really nice to have a few varieties this year.


Then I headed back up to sit and finish my coffee. I was a little grumpy this morning. Picking tomatoes helped some.


After I drank my coffee, I snipped some green and purple basil, oregano and thyme.


Later in the afternoon I did some planting, and transplanted some of the things we started a while back in the hoop house. I feel more organized than ever with the fall garden this year. Fingers crossed it comes together well.


Does that big orange winter squash make you think of autumn? It does me. This is the first of the golden delicious and it’s a big one! They are usually kind of petite.


The lettuce is starting to bolt, one by one, so I pulled a few full heads today to start making way for new lettuce plantings. We have been eating big salads daily. Need to eat bigger ones!


While cleaning up the lettuce bed, I was shocked to discover how big the turnips are getting. I had no expectations for these, and planted them as an afterthought, so it feels like a little gold mine in there.


This crazy beast of a tomato is one I picked last week. Today it reached prime ripeness (and tonight we ate most of it!). Here’s a photo taken when it was picked, which gives some reference of size.


All that picking got me thinking about what to make for dinner. A summer veggie torte seemed like the natural choice (what would have been your natural choice?).


I layered sliced potatoes, turnips, turnip greens, summer squash, mushrooms, fresh herbs, red onion, cheese and tomato. All but the onion and mushrooms were grown here at home, which felt super satisfying.


[footnote] So it would seem as though this blog is turning into a gardening blog… Don’t worry, I’ll be around with other things to share about soon enough. For the moment, the garden feels so central to the season, I just want to soak it up.

I’d love to hear what’s happening in your garden, or what you’re cooking with the fresh foods of the season. And if you haven’t tried a torte yet, I recommend it! So easy and versatile, and crazy delicious.

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The little fruits of our ground cherry plants are ripening bit by bit. Coco asked about them recently, so I thought I’d show them in a little more detail. I think they are beautiful and amazing, such interesting little fruits with their lantern husks. The fruit is sweet, and the flavor is delicately reminiscent (to me) of pineapple.

More info on this plant here.



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saving seeds

Sage – seed heads, and seed


Arugula – seed pods and seeds


Calendula – seed heads and seed


Carrot seed head… I am patiently waiting…

This year I’ve been working on saving more seeds. It takes patience waiting for seeds to ripen, and the harvesting of seeds can sometimes be a bit tedious. There is also the sacrifice of a bit of space in the garden, while waiting for plants to complete their process of going to seed. For these reasons, saving garden seed has been something that’s taken me a while to fully embrace. It’s becoming something that feels like a natural part of gardening though, and it’s super satisfying – even more than I imagined it would be – and I have barely scratched the surface. I would love to get to the point where we hardly buy seeds anymore, and in terms of sustainability, it just makes sense to complete the cycle of planting and growing in this way.

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Awake with the birds, watching the sun rise on the lake, feeling the gentle warmth of the early morning air on my skin… a sense of timelessness and slowing down, even in the busy pace of a full day… the freshest meal, straight from the garden… a gentle evening, filled with the murmur of bullfrogs, illuminated by a vivid pink sky, and giving way to the flitting weightlessness of bats in the moonlight.

It was the epitome of summer.

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