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3 things

A half moon zip, made with vintage military canvas and organic cotton.


A new snap satchel. This one is made w/ cinnamon brown canvas,  stone waxed canvas & hemp.


And the rucksack in dark olive is back! It now comes with the new snap closures and will soon be available w/ undyed leather as well.

All 3 items are now in the shop

P.S. Have you basked in this huge harvest moon yet? It has been spectacularly clear here, for nights on end. Makes me want to pull out my sleeping bag and sleep out in the yard.

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+ An order of wrap wallets, wrapped up in tissue

+ We had a little photo shoot today. The dark olive rucksack is coming back soon.

+ Some garden pickings from this morning.

+ Textiles from the archives of my shelves. I have so many amazing materials I need to start using.

+ Mountain peaks in my afternoon latte.

+ Our lovely neighbor is cleaning out, and has given us some real gems this week, including this cozy alpaca which I have just freshly washed.

It’s been a jam packed week, and I’ve been working non stop. Tonight I’m looking forward to some simple relaxation time right there on that chair with that alpaca, with my beau at my side, listening to the birds give way to the night crew, under the almost full moon… maybe even a glass of wine in my hand andsome home made pizza. Yes, that sounds pretty nice.

Enjoy the start of your weekend… xo


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Foldover Clutch   in waxed canvas, handwoven wool blend and leather

Messenger Bag  in saddle brown waxed canvas

Hi folks! I am back with a few more things to share…

It’s been a long while since there has been a messenger bag in the shop. Here is my most recent take, with a lot of great features.

And the clutch. I started out making a large zipper pouch with some remnants I had, and it turned out to be such a great compliment to the foldover style that seems so popular these days. I am really loving the way these materials came together. Just the right about of compliment and contrast I think.

Also, there is one more small wool zipper pouch from the little batch of handwoven textiles I recently talked about. This is the last of them.

That’s all for tonight. I hope your week has started out with ease.

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more plaid

A little more plaid in the shop… This time a Pendleton wool and leather clutch – in a favorite fusion of vintage, re-purposed and organic materials.

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through a thousand shades of green,

we let go

in that quiet space, between

the water’s edge and a human dream

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wool plaid and leather

There’s some new plaid in the shop – kind of a fresh replacement of an old favorite, highly requested tote that sold out earlier this year. This one is made with a vintage Pendleton wool, which I was lucky enough to find a few yards of. I’m really happy with how this came out.

And a new little leather zip, too. It’s not likely I’ll be making more of these in this leather, so this might be the one and only of this particular little guy.

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clear blue

The sky was blue, and the air was warm, and the water looked so calm. It was the perfect day for paddling.

We made our way through the lily pads, along reeds and grasses

and then out into the deep water

soaking in the golden sparkle.

We paddled for a long time, venturing to areas we had never been

We reached a spot so warm with sun and calm that the urge to dive into that blue green water was irresistible to me.

So we found an old stump, and hooked our boats up to anchor us for a while.

We talked about how fun it would be to someday have a boat that we could camp in, out in the middle of the lake.

The chill of the cold September nights can be felt in the water these days. It was shockingly cold, but so refreshing!

After warming up in the late afternoon sun, and taking in our peaceful surroundings for a little while longer, we started the journey back.

It was the kind of day that can be felt all the way into your bones, that touches all the senses and fills you up with appreciation for the simplest things in life.

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Does anybody still use a pencil? My favorite writing utensil is an old fashioned wooden pencil. The kind you have to use a pencil sharpener for. It seems like they are almost obsolete, with all the fancy mechanical stuff these days.

I just put a new pencil pouch up in the shop. This one’s made with slate waxed canvas and weathered leather. Of course, you know you don’t have to keep pencils in it…

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indian summer

It’s common, on the Oregon Coast, to have a bit of an indian summer. September is often referred to here as “the best time of year.” The wind calms down and the late season sun shines intensely. We have arrived at this time, and I am loving it.

Today I got another big part of my fall planting done. I am pretty close to finished, I think.

I harvested the last couple Golden Delicious (which are indeed delicious), and the first few Bush Buttercup squash.

I picked more beans and more cucumbers. It’s been a great year for both.

And I did all my digging and planting and compost turning in a mini skirt, and (even in the privacy of our yard) felt a little bit risque for it.

Have a great weekend sweet people.

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I love finding unique textiles – especially handwoven wool – and they can be pretty hard to come by in our town. I found a little stack of 4 small, thick, vintage, handwoven wool tapestries early this summer and have been sewing them into little pouches. I think I will keep one for me, and there will be just one more left after the one pictured above. In case any of you fancy this sort of thing, I thought I’d mention it here.

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