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I’ve been working on some hand stitched leather items, and have just added the first small wallet – the pocket wallet – to the shop. This is a slim wallet for carrying a few cards and some cash.

I really enjoy the process of this work. It’s a nice change from my usual high production mode – no machines, just my own two hands. This kind of work takes time. It is slow and methodical. From start to finish there are many processes, and the finished result has a satisfying richness – all that work packed into a small and beautiful object, which should last a lifetime.


The top photo is somewhat unrelated, though it does represent a starting point. This pocket wallet was inspired by my own simple needs. I like to travel pretty light, and what is shown at the top is the contents of my purse on most any given day. The wallet there is one I made for myself a few weeks ago (machine stitched). And for curious minds, although it’s mostly self explanatory I guess; pictured is my wallet, a hair clip, desert essence shea butter lip rescue, a tiny bottle of dr. bronner’s (so I don’t have to use the perfumed chemical soaps in public bathrooms), a pile of change; and my house, car and shed key on a key fob I made. One of these days I will have my own hand stitched wallet (and a change purse!).

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