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It was such a beautiful weekend here. Coffees were had on the patio, while we soaked up the warm sun. Deer nosed around nearby looking for tasty new growth. The birds were extra talkative, singing all day long. A little chipmunk even came to visit. It feels so much like spring!

Talk of the garden has been ongoing around here, even though somehow it still feels so early to me. I looked back on my blog, and to my surprise, I was planting seeds less than a week from now last year. And I started journaling about last year’s garden in the beginning of March.

On Saturday, we bundled up in the late afternoon to do some outdoor chores. We took all the compost down to “the big bin”


and then we headed down to check out the hoop house, still full of a dried-up tangle of tomato plants.


We gathered up a few tools, and jumped right in.


Between us, we made pretty quick work of cutting the overgrown grass path and clearing out the beds. There is now just a bit of weeding to do, and then we will ready the beds for planting.


We talked about a few improvements to be made, and what we will grow in there this year.

When we were finished, we headed inside to the most amazing smell of fresh bread, just finished baking. I mean AMAZING. I wish I could display smell on the blog.

bread_feb23_0This was somewhat of an experimental loaf, and it turned out to quite possibly be one our all time favorites, ever. I love when that happens. Onion, chili, caraway, dill, with a fresh flour blend of quinoa, corn, millet and rice.


We made a huge pot of soup, with mostly root vegetables from our garden, and then settled into a long and relaxing, productive evening.

I often have no concept of weekends vs weekdays, but this weekend felt like a real weekend. Yes, I really do like weekends.

Welcome to the new week, friends. How was your weekend?

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february 23


moon_waxing_feb23The first crocuses have appeared in our yard. Daffodils are coming up. Spring is very near.

Big, beautiful moon. Waxing gibbous.

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I have just added a new 2-tone tote to the shop, here. This one is a little taller than my original 2-tone, and is thanks to a recent request by a return customer of mine. I loved the change in proportions and additional space.


For a sense of size, in comparison…


I didn’t manage a “doing it myself” post this week. Although I have made myself a thing or 2! My current project should be finished soon. It’s been a busy week. Also, I’m working on a little project for the shop – something that’s been a fun deviation for me from my usual work, and a nice change-up from what I usually have available in the shop. I hope to have some of it posted next week.

Have a great weekend. Be back soon xo

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One of the recent requests for what you’d like to see here on the blog, was for me to share some of my thrift finds. I haven’t thought to share thrift finds in a long time! We visit a couple thrift stores every week during our errand days. It’s fun and relaxing for us, and we love the hunt for who-knows-what. I will start to share now and then…


Some things we found this past week… A woven grass bag with leather straps, some leather scraps, a leather medicine ball, a linen Athleta skirt, a pair of new (still in the package!) tights in an awesome shade of teal blue/green, a herringbone wool hat for the gentleman (ooh, so handsome in the hat), and maybe the best find – a didgeridoo. I used to be pretty great with the didgeridoo, and am excited to have one around again. It’s an incredible exercise of the breath, and the combination of sounds it creates and the breath work it requires creates a unique, meditative, and slightly altered state.

Do you like to go thrifting? That almost seems like  a silly question. I mean, EVERYone must love thrifting, right? I know a few people who just don’t have the interest or patience for it though.

Me, I just can’t imagine life without thrift stores.

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I wanted to share a simple meal we had this week. Though this general type of meal is pretty typical for us, I particularly enjoyed this one. We prepared extra of everything, which means dinner is ready to heat for another night this week.


Black eyed peas cook relatively quickly (about 1 hour or less) and don’t need to be soaked ahead of time. I think they would make a great burrito filling substitute, for the usual pintos or black beans.


We recently discovered that baking yams with the lid ON the bake dish results in a perfectly moist, amazingly soft yam every time. It also makes cleanup super easy, as the sugars remain liquid and don’t cook to the pan.


This time of year (every time of year?) I can’t seem to get enough kale. I prefer to eat kale raw and usually massage it in olive oil (wash and chop your kale, drizzle with oil and then (with very clean hands) “massage”  (squeeze) the greens). The color will deepen quite a bit, and it’s a great way to soften tougher greens and infuse them with quality raw oils. I then added a full bunch of cilantro, and drizzled homemade vinaigrette on mine as well (chopped garlic, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and tamari).


We covered a couple sprouted corn tortillas with some beans and yam, and topped them with avocado and a generous sprinkling of dulse. I felt like the combination of foods, flavors, textures and colors created the perfect balance. My body felt so content and nourished by this meal.

I’m curious, what are some of your favorite meals to cook at home? Anything stand out lately?

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in the studio






It’s been tough to keep focused this past week or so. I’ve been restless, and have had so much energy –  both creative and physical. It’s a pretty fun state to be in, but it’s not always the most productive (it’s just not possible to do everything at once!). I keep thinking it’ll pass, but it’s been well over a week now. Is it spring fever? How bout you – are you feeling a change lately?

PS Thanks so much for your entries on the giveaway. I loved reading all your comments – some so heartfelt! – and I’ll be sure to try and share more about the things you all mentioned you’d like to see more of.

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set fire


A little dubstep for your weekend.

(And if you enjoyed that, here’s one more).

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a valentine for you


Happy Valentine’s Day! I made a little gift for you…

This giveaway includes a waxed canvas pencil case (with three #2 pencils, oooh) and veg tanned leather key fob.

I use a pencil case very much like this one (seen here), and with it’s extra long length, it holds a lot of pens and pencils. I love mine. I finally can keep track of all my pencils, markers and tiny rulers.


To enter to win, please leave a comment below by midnight, Sunday, February 17. One comment per person please, and there are no regional restrictions. I will ship anywhere! I will announce one winner early next week.

And if you care to share, I’d love love love to hear what you would like to see more of here on the blog.

♥ Enjoy your day ♥ Do something loving for someone ♥

Update! The winner is Cheryl, commenter number 9.

Thank you for participating, everyone! I loved reading your comments.

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love letters


Even after all these years, I still look forward to morning coffee time with you.


spontaneous tiny letters, to my love

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This week I repaired an old favorite sweater.

My work can be hard on my clothes, so I have a few designated “work sweaters.”  This wool sweater, even though it’s ill fitting and really kind of frumpy, tends to be my favorite. It’s loose and warm and easy to toss off and on throughout the day.

Some time last year, one of the elbows developed a hole, which got so big I stopped wearing it, afraid I would ruin it forever… But I missed that old sweater…


sweater_elbow_patch_2Before patching, I sewed the hole up, loosely but securely, so it wouldn’t continue to unravel.

sweater_elbow_patch_2aI almost could have called it done at this point, but that fix is not nearly as fun or lasting as patching.

sweater_elbow_patch_1I made a patch pattern to my desired shape and size, and then cut 2 patches from an old leather skirt. Then I marked out and punched my stitch holes.

sweater_elbow_patch_3The location of the hole was the perfect reference for where to place the patch. For the other sleeve, I matched it to the first by measuring, and then eyeballing it into position.

sweater_elbow_patch_4I think that now it’s better than new! I also like to think my sweater even looks a little less frumpy now.

Are you a fan of elbow patches? I love how this look has made a comeback in recent years.

More patches from the past – tweed on cashmere.

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