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It’s been a couple weeks now since I started jotting these notes down, and I have planted another round of seeds since, but I wanted to get this posted anyway. Almost all of the seeds mentioned below are now growing strong. The red romaine is slow to germinate (I remember this now from last year), but 2 tiny sprouts have finally appeared this week. It has been a great early spring for seed starting, with abundant sunshine for new plants to bathe in.

March 17: planted a dozen walla walla, dozen parris island (green romaine), dozen red romaine, dozen lacinato kale, 6 bush buttercup. Most all of the earlier sets of starts have germinated and are doing very well.

The last couple days we had what felt like record warmth for this time of year and every living thing seemed pretty excited about it. Yesterday there were a number of firsts – I saw the first honeybee, buzzing in the rosemary flowers; the first black ants, and when evening came I saw the first bat. We also heard the first osprey, and today saw them soaring overhead. It seems like we have more and more birds in our yard each year, which makes an organic gardener so happy! (so long as they are not eating your food, haha). Steven put some cotton balls left from an empty B-vitamins bottle out for the birds, and watched a crow carry it off today. There is a lot of nesting activity going on, and even a bit of squabbling over nesting materials between the crows and the blue jays. This green, lush, new season brings me so much joy.

What’s happening where you are this time of year? And if you have one, how is your garden coming along?

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flowers in your hair


A song for you on this fine Sunday night.

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It’s hard to believe it’s already Friday! These days have been so full, time seems to be just racing by. I have a lot to accomplish today, and then I am looking forward to a little time off this weekend to plant more seeds, do some digging in the dirt, and if the weather holds – maybe we will get out for a hike. It’s beautiful this morning. Have a great weekend. Happy spring xo

Photos above from my instagram @in_fusion. Come find me there if you like!

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It was a working weekend, though I still made sure to include some time off. Saturday has become a day where we catch up on cleaning and organizing, watering plants, and starting little projects that got pushed aside during the week. I love this time, and it’s amazing how much we usually accomplish together.

A few snaps from the weekend…

1. an impromptu, clean-out-the-fridge fruit crisp was made (with crisp based loosely on my memory of Stephanie’s)

2. weeding in the warm sunshine

3. always something on the stairs, going up or going down

4. lunch in the making

5. homegrown rosemary – there is lots, being dried and stored

Not captured on camera was: the incredible mess that some critter made of the insulator panel in the hood of our car. OH MY WORD. I guess it is nesting season // The pollen clouds bursting forth from the alder trees. Have you ever seen a tree do that? It’s amazing (and a little frightful if you have allergies) // The sound of the birds these days, chattering away excitedly – yes, indeed, I think it is nesting season // The rooster that now lives up the road, and crows every morning at 4am // The bounty that Steven was paid, for revealing the name of said neighbor, to a different neighbor, who has been kept up in the wee hours of the morning (hee!)

How was your weekend? Did you drink beer and eat cabbage??

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add a strap




Every now and then someone writes to ask if they can see a photo of the rucksack being worn with the optional shoulder strap. I know it’s hard to visualize sometimes, and it’s helpful to see an actual example. I have finally added a few images. Seen with the rucksack in stone waxed canvas above, as well as an updated listing for the strap option. It’s silly I didn’t have these available sooner! Thanks for your questions, always. xo

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early spring




I think it’s safe to say that spring is really here. And still light out at 7:30 pm? Yes, thank you! The spring peepers in our little cove of the lake started peeping a week or so ago, and to me, that is the sound of spring and summer. It makes my whole body smile to hear them.

The spring-time garden season has officially begun here as well, and the first seeds have been planted. A few weeks ago, I was a little worried whether my excitement for planting this year’s garden was ever going to come. I became a little bit discouraged at an epic fail of my late summer planting. We have a wormy-looking, root-eating soil dweller, taking over the universe out there, and I need to somehow identify what it is so I can figure out what to do about it. But anyway, all it took was a single afternoon out there – working in the soil, weeding, harvesting a pot of soup’s worth of root vegetables – and I realized my worries were for nothing. I simply LOVE to be in the garden. Challenges and all, the garden is a place where I feel happy and at peace.

Notes: March 9: Planted tomato seeds (8 each – Riesentraube, Black Cherry, Purple Cherokee, Orange Banana), 8 ground cherry, a couple dozen sugar snaps, a couple dozen bush beans, a dozen red onion, and a whole lot of basil. I didn’t plan ahead very meticulously, and assumed I had certain seeds on hand that I don’t, so I have just ordered cucumber, summer squash, more peas and a few different herbs. Also, we are thinking about changing the layout of our garden beds this year, so hopefully we will get that worked out in the next couple weeks.

Will you grow a garden this year? Have you started planting? I love to hear what fellow gardeners are up to. In fact, a quick trip to the food co-op today turned into a 45 minute gardening chat. There are always things to learn from each other.

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New Snap Clutch available in the shop. Made with undyed hemp and dark green canvas, with dark espresso vegetable tanned leather.

Little cousin to the Hemp and Olive Tote.

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