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love letters


Sometimes you enter my view unexpectedly, and I catch myself saying aloud, “he is so damn cute.”



tiny letters, to my love ♥

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This week we brought home 10 asparagus crowns, purchased on an impulse at our local nursery. You can read about our whirlwind project over at Tend today. We are feeling happy to have this bed made and planted. It feels like we just made a big, exciting investment, though it cost almost nothing and will provide food for many years. If our plants are healthy and happy, the asparagus patch could be a longer term resident of our home than we are!


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spring things






Hi there. I have been a bit absent here! I think I could blog everyday with a little something about the garden, but I am trying not to completely flood the blog with garden talk :) Life has become relative to being outside these days, and anything that isn’t outside seems to get a wee bit neglected. This spring has been pretty incredible. It’s been gentle and soft and just plain lovely, and I am feeling so grateful for it, spending as much time in it as possible.

I have been carving out time to work on a collection of new works for the shop as well. It’s been super fun, though relatively slow, with lots of stops and starts. I’ve been trying to just have fun with it, without pushing too much; going at it a little differently than I might have in the past. I’ve been a little bit discouraged lately with all the sameness out there. It can seem like a thousand reproductions of the same few bags are coming out of the woodwork, and it’s getting a little bit strange and a little bit frustrating – particularly when you see some of your own work, and the work of your cohorts, in some of those reproductions. That’s a topic for another time though, and that aside, I guess I’m glad for the nudge toward making some changes. One of my favorite things about working for myself, is the freedom to explore.

This week we’ve been watching the swallows come and go from the boxes we put out for them last year. So far it seems like we have more of them this year. They are great for keeping the bugs down and it’s impressive to see their acrobatic, aerial maneuvers as they snatch bugs from the air. A very pregnant doe laid in the yard for a few hours last week. She looked so relaxed and restful, with another deer close by to keep an eye out. It’s getting close to the time where there will be baby deer bouncing around again. Ah! and right this minute I see an osprey flying over, with a big branch in it’s grasp. They are building their nest across the cove, in the same tree they do every year.  So much activity right now!


How’s your spring looking? What gets you excited during this time of year?

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so squirrelly






It’s been quite a time with this little critter. It has broken into our house more than once (once through a tiny hole related to the ducting coming into the house (which has since been sealed) and once right through the front door), chewed the insulation under the hood of the car up, has been burying what appears to be bird seed in every potted plant it can find, and is sneaking into the garage every chance it gets. This is just to name a few of it’s shenanigans!

Steven found some organic cotton and wool stuffing samples we’ve had laying around, and thought that maybe if he put it out for the squirrel to find, it would lay off a little. A crow took one tuft, another disappeared while we weren’t looking, and this one sat in that planter pot for at least a week, untouched. We had an incredible rainbow appear recently, and I hopped on downstairs to grab the camera, and who should I see right outside the glass… What timing!

That wad of stuffing was at least the size of a baseball. I watched in awe as it stuffed and stuffed (with it’s little partner in crime nearby). The material somehow disappeared into the squirrel and finally, with a big bit of fluff hanging out of it’s mouth, as you see, it trotted off. Amazingly enough, we haven’t seen much of it since, so maybe it finally acquired enough for that nest it’s been building! Now we just can’t help but wonder where that nest might be…


You can find me at tend today, sharing what I’ve learned about deer resistant gardening. And any of you with deer and gardens – I’d love your 2 cents!

I hope your week’s off to a great start. xo

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planet earth


Happy Earth Day! I love this beautiful planet so much it makes my heart ache, puts a lump in my throat… and if you really get me going it brings tears to my eyes.

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There hasn’t been a lot of action IN the actual garden yet, but I did plant out my snap peas, runner beans, and pole beans last week. I think we will build some teepee style trellises this year for more vertical growing within the garden.

It’s been pretty cool here at night, with lows in the upper 30s, and by day there has been a real chill in the air. Seems cooler than usual for this time, but I couldn’t say for sure.

My starts are doing super well, and it’s amazing to see how much growth can occur day by day. That’s one thing I really appreciate about tending them so closely in the early days, is I really get to watch their progress. It’s amazing what plants do, and how responsive they are. The slow pokes are finally making an appearance, like ground cherry and hot peppers. I always wish I had started hot peppers sooner. I need to create a little calender for myself to refer to each year. I’m planning to create a planting chart too, similar to Shari’s here. Her idea really got me thinking of ways I could better organize these kinds of details.

I divided up all my double plantings of cucumbers and squash last week, and have started on my tomatoes. I think I’ll start leaving some things in the hoop house soon, to free up my hands a bit. Moving trays in and out each day can start to get time consuming. Steven made me 3 slatted wood trays recently (shown in the top 2 photos), as the odds and ends of trays I had were all full. I love them so much! And they have made moving plants so much easier and more efficient. Once this phase of gardening passes, I think they’ll make nice harvest crates as well.

Today I am planning to spend much of the afternoon in the garden. The sun is trying to come out, and I think we are in for a beautiful day.


You can find me at tend today, where I shared about a culinary herb project we did here. Come check it out if you’d like!

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Hi lovely peeps. There’s a new waxed canvas tote in the shop here. This particular mix of materials was a custom request, and I loved how it turned out. It is now available for general purchase.

And that is all for today. I slept in late this morning! Always feel a little behind when I sleep in. Though it sure was nice to catch up on sleep.

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slugs and gardening


I have a new post up over at tend today, talking all about slugs! Come on over if you’d like.


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a few things




+ One of a kind pencil case here

+ Reaching for the light, and too pretty to ignore

+ New / revised tote coming to the shop soon


It’s pouring rain here and rather stormy today. This is the most rain we have had in a long while! I am worrying about my peas, which I put out last week, hoping the slugs aren’t going hog wild on them. They can do so much damage in so little time. When the rain lets up a little I’m going out to check.

I’ve been working on some new bags and am getting closer to completing some. It’s been hard to make the time for new work for quite a while. I have a lot of projects started though, and it feels like the wheels have really started turning this week. It feels great, and creates a fresh excitement around going to work each day. Heading up there now to finish up some orders before the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend friends, rain or shine. Be back soon…

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I realized that in my previous post, “garden notes,” I actually didn’t include a single garden photo, but rather my surroundings while in and out of the garden – a break on the porch, a cold drink on the patio, some deer that wandered through.


Sometimes I think I would do well to have a little gardening business, just so I could spend more time out there. I love the work of the garden so much. I like the heavy digging, the weeding, the moving of plants, the tending of plants. I don’t mind troubleshooting and I enjoy garden research. Even though there have been frustrating challenges, I have been able to rise to the challenges and even find interest in working through them (like pests for example).


Maybe it’s the perfect balance of physical labor, which I do so well with (I am a JUST DO IT kind of girl), and the parts that require me to slow down and think things through, plan things out (which I don’t always  have the patience for when I just want to do it!)


Gardening has taught me a lot of patience. And as an organic gardener, there are rewards of that patience showing up in ways I hadn’t known how they would look.


The work of providing for ourselves in a way that is direct, foundational and basic – such as feeding ourselves – is so simple and animal, free of superficial complications. Maybe this is why gardening is like meditation for so many people.

I actually sat down to just share a few photos, but I guess I had some thoughts to share too. Gardening, particularly growing food, is like nothing else for me. It’s satisfying to me in a way that is hard to describe. Maybe you know what I mean.


I will be sharing over at Tend this year, every Tuesday. I’ve been following Tend since it started 2 years ago, and am looking forward to sharing in this year with them (and you!) as a contributor. Hop on over there if you’d like.

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