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Hello from today! I am feeling pretty spunky today, and everyday lately. I turned some kind of corner last week or so, after a short period of feeling uncharacteristically low, and I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with sunshine, warmth and all things spring. On the central Oregon Coast, spring is moving in. The spring peepers are singing us our evening song again, cherry blossoms are cheering up the roadsides, and the days feel endless in comparison to the dark, short days of just a few weeks ago.

But I didn’t really come here to talk about spring. Just couldn’t help it I guess. Really I came to say that a couple new things are in the shop this week.


The Tablet Mat / Mouse Pad:



and finally available, the iPad Satchel:


Maybe next time I’ll come back with some photos of spring. And soon I will have a handful of new items to share as well. xo

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stoking the creative fire

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This year has been off to an unusual start. Sensing back in time, it even feels a little rocky, and yet at the same time, life has come to feel more peaceful and balanced than I have maybe experienced in years. The year closed with a mix of machine malfunctions, frustrations with certain aspects of my business, the suffocating mess my studio had become through months of heavy work, and a pile of other little irritations, all of which mounted to a general feeling of burnout. I don’t use that word lightly, and I think I really know what it means now. It’s no fun, and yet if taken advantage of, it’s sure a great catalyst.

So I have been spreading out my wings, shoring up the deficiencies in my life, dedicating time to art and design, brainstorming over collaborations with my partner, learning new skills, brushing up on old and unused skills, and generally trying to round out each day with a flow that includes doing what gets my creative fires burning. I feel like this is going to be a kick ass year – every year feels like it’s going to be amazing, really – but the feeling of this year has a spark that I haven’t felt the likes of in quite some time.

Anything you all are feeling for the year? New inspirations, aspirations, motivations? It helps to look forward now and then, and feel around for the right direction to go.

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