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Swimming in wild bodies of water is one of my top favorite things about summer.¬† There is something super exciting to me about the fact that these days have just begun! This weekend we had our first river day, and I’m looking forward to more.

I keep thinking about the passing of time, and what kind of perception one should be in to experience time.. life.. at a slower, more steady pace… and what first comes to me is the truth in the words be here now. Be present. Stay grounded. Be here now. These simple truths have become clich√©; but they are simple, widely shared words for a reason.








So let’s be here now, and take each day a moment at a time. Even amongst the seeming tough stuff, life really is amazing. We get to be here and live this life, on this beautiful planet, amongst all these other amazing life forms. Profound. Simple. Truly awesome.

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It’s Friday night, winding down from a long week. I’m excited for a little break this weekend! How was your week? It felt oddly intense for me!

Beans are cooking, the house is full of warmth from a day full of sun, my body is buzzing from this evening’s awesome workout, we’re sipping a cold beer, and as soon as I’m done here I’m heading back upstairs to finish the week’s work so I can take some time out tomorrow.

Enjoy the weekend everyone! I’m hoping to do some swimming, some taming of the jungle of my garden, and just generally enjoying this warm and nurturing season. xo

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dog days of spring

Our yard is so full of life right now. At any given time, we can sit outside and find unending entertainment and beautiful, amazing things to observe. In a single day last week we saw brand new baby deer while drinking our coffee, and then a huge black bear while we ate our lunch. It’s not every day a black bear walks through our yard!

We often joke how we could go out camping in the deepest wilderness and hardly see a single wild animal, but right here at home? Oh my. Do we even dare camp in the yard? We do sometimes, and it’s usually interesting.

Here a few photos from the past week.

Tiniest fawn, just days old.fawns_june4_9c

Bumblebees and thyme flowers.bee_thyme

Daily confrontations between crows and vultures. It’s pretty clear that vultures aren’t welcome around here right now, while crows are raising their young.vulture_0

vulture_crow_diptych_0The little fawns have been tucking in near our place during the day, while mom goes out to forage. This one chose a spot so nearby. We truly feel humbled to have gained this level of trust with the mother deer over the years we’ve been here. fawn_resting_0

Reunited in the early evening and ready to nurse again.fawns_

By then, they’re also ready to explore and run around after laying down for many hours. They are so bouncy and quite fast. I’m refraining from gushing here, but they are seriously so adorable. We have hundreds of photos to prove our adoration.fawns_0

Chestnut backed chickadee.chickadee

So many hummingbirds!hummingbird

And maybe the sweetest beast of all, helping me with some gardening while I’m busy working in the studio. smd

What’s happening in your part of the world right now? Anything stand out? This year is like no other in some ways – early flowers, early warmth, extra dry. It feels both frantic and laid back – like a mix of spring time energy and the dog days of summer. It’s hard to explain exactly, but it’s different than I’m used to.

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