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workshop notes

I wanted to share a few things we will cover in the August 9 Leather Craft Workshop. There are still openings. Local readers looking to learn leather craft, I would love to have you!

Participants will have the chance to explore different design ideas and I will provide a few examples of possible projects. As one learns the basics of construction, the possibilities of shape, features and style are limitless. Below are just 2 simple ideas which, in their creation, cover all the basic skills needed to allow one to expand their own ideas into tangible items.


A finished edge can take what looks like a rustic project on toward luxury level. Edge finishing takes practice and patience, but is so worth the finished result. We will cover learn what it takes to create a beautiful, finished edge.



My own journey learning leather work has been a slow, step by step process, starting from scratch and amassing the knowledge, experience and tools needed to create what I want in a way that satisfies me. I will be providing participants with the knowledge and skills to make their own journey much more direct. Each participant will be tooled up for the class, with everything they need to work along together. You will learn the names and purpose of each tool, all while having a hands on experience with them.

Below are just a few of the many tools we will be using.


I find it to be so empowering to be able to take an idea and turn it into something tangible and useful, with my own hands. I am excited to teach some of the skills I love to use so much.

PS. I have had a few non-local readers reach out to request future video workshops. If there are more of you interested in the possibility of video courses for purchase, I would love to hear from you either by email abby@infusionfibers.com or here in the comments.

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