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A few snaps from the weekend…






This weekend felt like a long 3 days, in the best way. Focused and fun. We had an amazing quenching rain followed by warm, beautiful sunshine which looks to be here to stay for a while again. After the rain stopped I went out for a run and to my amazement, seeing as how I felt a little tired that afternoon, I set an all time record on pace. Four miles, with an average pace of 7:40. I am not a runner per se, but I like to mix up my activity now and then. I am still feeling high on that run!

I’ve been taking photographs whenever I can for M+M and a new project that Steven and I are working on. The window each day is shorter now with the light changing. I love the light so much right now, leaking into unexpected places through the house.

Autumnal cleaning continues and this weekend we recreated our utility room. It has been a messy catch-all of a room for too long and it’s exciting to have it becoming more simplified and inviting. I love looking in there now, when I see it in passing. There will be no corner left unturned (or un-dusted!) by the time we are through here.

Working on incorporating more hygge into our fall and winter lives, and Steven refurbished some teak candle holders just in time to get out the candles. Dinner by candlelight is so cozy and intimate.

Happy new week, all! Heading up to the studio for a productive work day.

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around the studio

Some snaps (mostly iPhone) around the studio this week…






The desire to clean has been pretty strong here the past couple weeks. Steven and I are spending a little time each morning again, working on home projects, de-cluttering and deeper cleaning. The need for this has also really been showing up in the studio and this week I’ve really dug in. Feels amazing to freshen up my space, and it makes me feel so much more peaceful and collected when I get up to work.

I’ve also been trying to devote a little bit of time to playing with new ideas, practicing new kinds of construction and making lists and sketches of things that excite me and that I’d like to work on. It’s time for me to let go of some old grooves and allow for new energy to flow.

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roadside apples

On a recent road trip through Eastern Oregon we knew we’d be passing an old apple tree which we had picked from in the past, and hoped to pull over to pick again. We kept a look out, with clear memories of it’s location and the little donkey over the fence that we had shared apples with before.


Sure enough, the gnarled old tree stood right where we’d remembered, gleaming brilliant red in the otherwise neutral landscape, completely loaded with apples.

apples_1We didn’t see the donkey, but we did accidentally scare what seemed like hundreds of birds (which then scared us!) that had been nestled down in the tree eating fruit.


We picked until our cotton sack was full and then continued on the road. We’ve eaten a handful of them, but they’re pretty tart. Maybe it was just a little bit early for picking. So this week I finally decided to chop them up and put on a big pot of spiced apple sauce.


It made the whole house feel so cozy and autumnal. Oh my goodness, the smell!



I just added what seemed nice in the moment and adjusted to taste. Vanilla bean, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, a little sea salt. At the end I added a few spoons of honey.




It is like apple pie in a jar! Next time I’ll try a different apple variety. Anyone have a favorite apple variety, or mix of varieties, for applesauce?

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meadow + mark

basket tray

chemex coffee maker


crams globe

hand knit sweater

minnetonka moccasins

I’ve been adding some new things to the meadow + mark shop. Have a look if you like!

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From socks and sweaters and afternoon coffees, to swimming (yes, swimming) and sunkissed sunsets. Gimme all those kinds of weekends. All the time!

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I think we’re finding our autumn rhythm, and I’m enjoying the change (even if I’m still resisting slippers and sweaters!). As summer starts to wind down I always feel such an urgency. It literally can feel like a desperate thirst, or as though something vital is slipping away more quickly than I can keep up. This feeling doesn’t usually last very long, but it’s interesting to notice how consistent it is for me each year.

Once the wild urgency passes, time seems to slow down and I am more present to take keen notice of so many changes – in the animal behaviors, the plant life, the color of the sky, the quality of the clouds and the tone of the light. Everything shows the season’s transition, including each of us.

sunset_august24Happy Autumn, all.

Be back soon xo

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