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we’ve moved!


Hi folks, the new site is live and the blog has now moved. I am still working on importing the content of this blog over, but you can now find us at http://www.shopinfusion.com/home/blog. If you use a bookmark, or subscribe through RSS or email, be sure to update to the new address. See you there! xo

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shop news



Hello! I realize it’s been quiet here this year. We’ve been working on some new projects for infusion, with the most exciting being a new site. And I’m happy to say it’s coming very soon!

We have a tentative launch date set for Monday, February 8. There will be a new home for the blog, a new web shop, space to share photos, our process and more. My Etsy shop will remain open, and will reopen on the 8th as well, though the new web shop will be a more dynamic expression of our creative interests, with a more active change and flow of work.

This project has been in the works to various degrees for years, with it often taking the back burner for long periods of time. Each time I would pick it back up, we’d have to pretty much start over. I’ve really pushed forward over the last couple months and it feels pretty excellent to be so close to completion.

I will check in here once more before we open, but soon we’ll be saying hello from a new space. Thank you all for visiting and reading along here all these years, your lovely comments and support. It means so much to me! I’m looking forward to a fresh, new start and I hope you’ll join me there.

Be back soon… x


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