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I wanted to let you guys know that for a limited time, I’ll be including one of our leather coin purse key rings with any order from our shop amounting to $120 or more. Leather colors will vary.

I try to send gifts to my return customers, and these classic little triangle purses are always fun to make and give. The addition of the key tether takes it to a much greater level of usefulness I think. I’ve got one in my bag with a spare car and house key, some change and a folded 5 dollar bill. Just in case.


What would you keep in one? Leave a comment below for a chance to win one of your own. I will choose a winner at random on Monday night, March 23.

This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been notified. Congrats lovely lady!

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This giveaway is closed. Congrats to Deni!

My skin care regime has always been minimal and simple, and I like to keep it that way. I steer clear of ingredients I can’t understand and when I can, I tend toward products that I could even safely eat. It’s not that I will actually be eating them, but it all ultimately ends up in my body, and it doesn’t make sense to load up with ingredients that create a burden on my system.

As I get older I have been turning my focus a little more toward nourishing my skin, and giving special care to areas that have taken the brunt of excess sun exposure throughout my life. While figuring out what my skin really needs, I was lucky to come in contact with Hannah Wilder of Taproot Farms, Co and have since had the opportunity to try some of their skin care products.


For cleansing, I love their goat milk soap. Our favorites are the peppermint and eucalyptus, both of which create a refreshing, aroma-therapeutic pick me up. This soap makes the creamiest lather, and I am sure it’s the goat milk base! Goat milk is highly nutritional, and provides supportive vitamins and minerals to the skin. This bar feels luxurious and nourishing, and leaves my skin feeling soft and relaxed, rather than tight and dry after washing.

taproot_2For moisture, I’ve been using their pure argan oil on more delicate skin like the collar bone and chest area. It’s a lightweight yet nourishing oil, and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling behind. It also makes a nice, lightweight moisture for the lips, and a softener for the hair – to tame frizzies and moisturize dry ends. Taproot also makes a lip balm for more intensive lip moisture. The tingly peppermint is awesome.


The lavender shea butter has become my current favorite for deeper moisturizing. It’s super creamy and rich, and the lavender scent is really over the top! I rub shea butter into my hands when they are particularly dry, use it to moisturize my cuticles, and it is a real treat for dry feet, after a deep cleanse and exfoliation – like a natural home pedicure. Sometimes I also use this as a solid essential oil perfume, the scent is just so robust. When we went camping in the desert this summer, this was the only moisturizer I brought with me. It turned out to be the perfect thing, and was easy to pack with no worries of spillage.


Taproot Farms is generously offering one reader the following bundle: one bar of soap, one 2oz pot of shea butter, and one lip balm in the fragrance of your choice. Additionally, they are offering 15% off your entire Taproot order, with the coupon code infusion15. Soap and body care always make great gifts, and this is a great opportunity to support a small family business and save a little at the same time!

To enter to win, please visit Taproot Farms and leave a comment below by midnight on Wednesday, December 4. I will report back here on Thursday with the results. To keep up with Taproot, you can also find them on Facebook.  Good luck!!


This post is sponsored by Taproot Farms. All of my thoughts and experiences of their products are my own, and are genuine.

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a valentine for you


Happy Valentine’s Day! I made a little gift for you…

This giveaway includes a waxed canvas pencil case (with three #2 pencils, oooh) and veg tanned leather key fob.

I use a pencil case very much like this one (seen here), and with it’s extra long length, it holds a lot of pens and pencils. I love mine. I finally can keep track of all my pencils, markers and tiny rulers.


To enter to win, please leave a comment below by midnight, Sunday, February 17. One comment per person please, and there are no regional restrictions. I will ship anywhere! I will announce one winner early next week.

And if you care to share, I’d love love love to hear what you would like to see more of here on the blog.

♥ Enjoy your day ♥ Do something loving for someone ♥

Update! The winner is Cheryl, commenter number 9.

Thank you for participating, everyone! I loved reading your comments.

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sharing some love

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wanted to share a little love today, with a giveaway… To enter for a chance to win a small stash tote, please leave a comment on this post before midnight on Friday, Feb 17. I will choose a winner, at random, on the weekend.

Lots of love,

xx Abby


Update – The lucky winner is Mirjam! Thanks so much for participating, everyone.

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Ah, this is so overdue! The 2 people who were chosen to receive a little something, for leaving suggestions for dance tunes, were…. Melanie and Amy! And thank you to everyone who offered up suggestions!

It has been a really busy couple months here. The holidays were heavy for infusion – quite awesome I must say! Thank you!! I have been a bit behind schedule from my original production time estimates, and this past week or so my machine has been acting up. It’s been intermittent, so there are stretches of time where it’s doing just fine, but it has definitely slowed me down a bit. Of course it seems super untimely, but the exciting news is that a couple new machines are due to arrive this week – machines that my boyfriend and I spent weeks and weeks researching down. Sometimes an inconvenience is just the thing to instigate that much needed upgrade.

I have some new bags to share, which is another thing that has been waiting in the queue for quite a while, but everything in it’s time right? Hopefully I’ll be back with those within the next couple days. I’ve been really enjoying working with the waxed canvas, and will talk more about that as well.


Hope you all had a great weekend. It’s been so mild and beautiful here. It felt like spring today.

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Enjoying a few minutes of down time this morning and thought I’d stop in and say hello. The studio has been a highly active, productive, dynamic place these days! I am trying to just remain calm and enjoy myself up there. Deadlines are tricky, but high paced multi-tasking high efficiency is something I love and do really well with, once I get in my groove.

This time of year, when my big venture out is often the trip to the mailbox at the top of the drive and around the loop – (to which I RUN with glee as I drink up the cold crisp air), I realize that it’s the littlest things that punctuate these days where I am so absorbed in my work. That morning latte. A late afternoon walk (IF there is time). A cuddle with my guy. A glass of wine. GROOVIN out to some dance tunes while dinner is cooking.

We LOVE groovin out in the evening these days, and we NEED some new songs in our rotation. What is your favorite music that gets you moving? The kind of stuff that makes getting up and moving your booty totally irresistible! In fact, as a little incentive, I will send (after my Christmas shipping deadline) a little something to 2 people who leave ideas in the comments. Don’t be shy! We aren’t music snobs, we just like to move our bodies.

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win win…

Congratulations to rebecca and manzanitasverdes! I will be in touch with you both soon, to find out where to send your little totes.


And, an honorable mention.. Thank you kittyhong for the really cute poem. We loved it : )

Tomatoes are red
Some berries are blue
Your bags are incred’
And your wristlets too!
Your home is so tranquil
With an organic pantry
Its always such a thrill
to read your latest blog entry
Stay original and unique
Your “natural bag boutique”
A classic bag has been born
Even better when well-worn!


Hope you all had a great weekend. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed the past few days, so this afternoon I am going to shift gears and spend some time organizing my crazy-disaster-that-I-can-hardly-walk-through studio. Bizarrely, I am actually really looking forward to this. We’ll see how far I get.

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a little giveaway





As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I made a few of these little organizer totes last week. It was tempting to sew them all day. I really enjoy small projects and it’s so rare I do them these days. Picking the materials, deciding the size and seeing it complete in less than an hour – it comes pretty close to instant gratification. These little totes fit in all kinds of spaces, effortlessly corralling odds and ends, and they sure look sweet on a shelf or hanging on a hook on the wall.


I would like to send 2 readers one of these small totes. Simply leave a comment below by Sunday 9-25 at midnight, and I will choose 2 people at random early next week.


And if you like to sew, you can find an easy-to-follow pattern for making similar “fabric buckets” here.


Happy autumnal equinox, my friends. Enjoy this last day of summer!

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This morning we woke up to the most incredible sunny day with summertime temps and warm gentle breezes. After answering all my emails and listing the new Rucksack, I threw on my tee and shorts and was really looking forward to sipping my coffee in the sun before getting up to work. But! the day’s events would have it otherwise, and instead! we spent the morning chasing a squirrel around the garage. Yes, really!

This little guy has been setting up a nest in the roof of our utility room for a few days (very noisy!). We have been thinking about how to deal with this. Today we finally spotted it coming down from the roof onto the deck. We chased it all around trying to scare it off from entering again, but my gosh those guys are persistent. A short time later, I spotted it in the garage. Since it seemed it’s only way in or out was through the door it walked through, we decided to try to catch it in a cardboard box. We closed the door it entered, and the adventure began. Oh my. We spent far too long devising countless crazy strategies for capture and boy some of them were close! I wish I could have been an objective onlooker because this must have been a hilarious scene. We are much too big and clumsy compared to such swift and agile creatures. I ALMOST caught it a couple of times, but we finally gave up so as not to traumatize it completely. We hope to have a live trap here tomorrow and we will try to catch it then, take it somewhere a few miles away and release it. I’ll let you know how we do. And if anyone has any tips on catching squirrels, by all means do share! Next we need to seal our roof.


Well, giveaway entrants, I know you are waiting! While drawing from the hat is always more fun and has a little more magic, I used the random number generator this time…

The giveaway winner is comment number 27. Congratulations Francesca!!

Thank you everyone for all your amazing comments. They really went straight to my heart, and I was happy to learn more about what you all like and appreciate. And don’t worry, there will be more great giveaways this year! I wish I could send every one of you a gift.

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a giveaway!

Every now and then I like to try to express my appreciation for all the support there has been for infusion. infusion is a way of life for me, and to be able to support myself with my work is so dang awesome! I am really so grateful every day. I work super hard, often with long days and very late nights, but I have never been happier with my job, than I am at this point in my life.

As a gesture of thanks, I’d like to offer a chance to win a 2-Tone Tone in natural hemp and dark olive canvas. Please leave a comment below by midnight on Tuesday January 24. Though not required,  I’d love to hear where you have seen infusion out on the world wide web, where you first found or heard about infusion, what’s your favorite design, or what you’d like to see appearing in the shop… or a little something about all of those, if you wish! One winner will be chosen at random next week.

Thank you!!



P.S. Be sure to enter your email address into the comment form. It will not be visible to anyone but me, and it will allow me to contact you if you win!

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