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A few snaps around here lately…




+ Studio lights. You really can never have too many…

+ I took some time today to update my older Pocket Wallet.

+ The new version now has a snap cover, to keep cards more secure.

+ I’ve been slowly adding new things to meadow + mark, and have a pile more to photograph soon.

+ We made a recent visit to one of our favorite beaches. A day at the ocean is always so restorative.

I know it’s spring break for some of you, and I think on some level I am feeling it myself. I have had a hard time snapping out of weekend mode, and it’s almost Wednesday! What ever the case is for you, I hope your week is treating you well xo

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meadow and mark





After a long period of dormancy, the Meadow + Mark shop has finally ‘reopened’ !

I’ve started small, but have been slowly adding new things, (seems like a rate of about 1 item a day this week), so check in now and then if you feel so inclined. There is likely to be a mix of vintage, one of a kind hand work, and supplies from my studio as I work to clean it out of excess.

I have always had a bigger plan for M+M, which I think may finally be shaping up (excitement contained!). I hope to be able to share something with you all in the next few months.

Have a great day! It’s feeling so much like spring here.

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Just added a couple new things to each shop.

Over at infusion there is a new day pack in vintage military canvas and leather – I LOVE this leather; and a new wool herringbone pencil pouch (okay I LOVE this herringbone too!).

At Meadow + Mark there is rad little pair of woven leather lace-ups – wish I was a size 7! – and an accordion style peg rack.


I know it has been pretty quiet around here. Some exciting things have been happening over here for infusion. Like REALLY exciting. I will share more soon.


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We have started choosing seeds for this year’s garden. I love this phase of planning. So many possibilities! The catalog laying open on the table is from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I  highly recommend checking them out. All the seeds they offer are heirloom varieties and there is so much to choose from. I wish melons grew better here because their heirloom melon selection is huge, and we are big melon heads.

A favorite treat lately has been sun dried tomatoes. We bought a pound of organic sundried tomatoes recently. They were salt preserved (instead of toxic sulfur) so after soaking in water for a couple hours, and then rinsing a few times, they are not too salty. Then we store them in olive oil, a pint jar at a time, and enjoy them on home made toasted bread, pasta, salads, grain dishes – so yummy! And the extra olive oil is delicious as well, infused with sundried tomato flavor.

I have finally managed to add a few things to meadow + mark. “Soon” is a relative term I guess. I know I had mentioned a shop update was coming “soon” quite some time ago. The leather backpack sold within minutes of listing it today. I know there was a lot of interest in it, so I’m sorry to any of you who missed out.

Also, I added a new tote to the infusion shop. I got some super nice pure wool herringbone in a couple weeks ago. Very happy with it. It’s very soft yet sturdy. I am thinking it would make a really nice skirt, if I could ever find the time. There is one in navy coming soonish as well.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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A small shop update at meadow + mark. These 2 coats included.

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Just dropping in to say a quick hello! Listening to the pouring rain, and working working working. I’ve got a few new things up my sleeve for both shops, which will be available as soon as I have a few minutes away from my sewing machine. Have a beautiful day everyone.


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Holiday sale at Meadow + Mark! Monday only. Use the coupon code MONDAYS, and save 15% off your order.

And a little reminder that you can still save 10% off your order at infusion by using the coupon code 10FRIDAY.

Both sales end on Monday at midnight pacific time (or until I remember to deactivate).

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