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When thrifting, my favorite sections are glassware, textiles, wood and clothing. Baskets used to be high on that list, but the basket sections have been pretty lackluster for a while (and we have plenty of baskets!). This week we found some things that were really satisfying, and that I know will get used and enjoyed for years; a set of 8 (2 not shown) Weck jelly jars complete with clamps, seals and “keep fresh covers” (Steven found these, and brought them over, pretty happy with his find, knowing how I love Weck jars), a glass tea cup with strainer and lid (new in the box), an old wooden Weis box with beautiful dovetail joints, a big roll of paper tape, and TWO sheepskins! Who would thrift these?? I’ve already washed them with wool wash and they came out super soft and fluffy. I am thinking about gifting one to my sister for her new baby due soon.

Steven and I have some overlap of favorite sections, but we usually split up for most of our search, which between us, results in a pretty full sweep of the store.

What are your favorite sections at the thrift? Any exciting finds lately?

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One of the recent requests for what you’d like to see here on the blog, was for me to share some of my thrift finds. I haven’t thought to share thrift finds in a long time! We visit a couple thrift stores every week during our errand days. It’s fun and relaxing for us, and we love the hunt for who-knows-what. I will start to share now and then…


Some things we found this past week… A woven grass bag with leather straps, some leather scraps, a leather medicine ball, a linen Athleta skirt, a pair of new (still in the package!) tights in an awesome shade of teal blue/green, a herringbone wool hat for the gentleman (ooh, so handsome in the hat), and maybe the best find – a didgeridoo. I used to be pretty great with the didgeridoo, and am excited to have one around again. It’s an incredible exercise of the breath, and the combination of sounds it creates and the breath work it requires creates a unique, meditative, and slightly altered state.

Do you like to go thrifting? That almost seems likeĀ  a silly question. I mean, EVERYone must love thrifting, right? I know a few people who just don’t have the interest or patience for it though.

Me, I just can’t imagine life without thrift stores.

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