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Hey there. I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. Just got a few new items up in the shops.

I’ve been working on some Rucksacks and Day Packs, which I hope to have finished tonight. It’s been super dark and cloudy and rainy (no gardening for me!), so photographing will have to wait until the skies clear a bit.

We’re excited about this Geometry Tote. It’s one of a kind, made with a super awesome geometric vintage upholstery fabric and leather.

ciao for now. Be back soon.

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The chill is in the air here. We’ve been holding off on the heat for as long as we can, which makes for a really physical transition. It helps to relearn how to really dress for the cold.

Wanna know the best ever cold weather dressing tip? Wear a layer of cashmere against the skin. We swear by cashmere around here. We have spent (long!) winters living in the woods, in below freezing temperatures, in the ice and snow, with no heat, and it was all made possible with cashmere. Truly. We find it all at the thrift store, and when you start looking for it, there is quite a bit available. Beautiful, amazing, cuddly cashmere. If you looked in our closet you might think we have cashmere hoarding addictions. (okay, so we do!). If you haven’t tried it, you really must. And if you feel that wool makes you itchy, I think you will find that cashmere is a completely different animal (and it is).

Anyway, cashmere aside, I thought I’d let you know there are a few new items up in meadow + mark, and also give a little preview of a few things on the way.

Here’s to a buoyant week.


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meadow + mark

So…. about that fun news I mentioned earlier…

After much debate, over many months, I have decided to open a new shop! Being long time thrift store shoppers, and collectors of all sorts of old and interesting things, the idea of having a shop for some of the vintage treasures we bring home has been something I have had on my mind for a while. Years ago we had an online shop where we sold vintage, though mostly clothing at the time. Due to a couple of moves and a change in our daily flow, we still have a few boxes of things that never made it onto the virtual shelves. Can’t wait to rediscover what’s in there.

I have been filling the shelves of meadow + mark over the last couple days, and once the sun comes out again I’ll be photographing some more things. I’m hoping this shop will be another outlet for me to offer other kinds of handmade items as well. I have some ideas, but we’ll see how it goes.

I hope you enjoy!


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