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Hi there! A quick hello, a mini announcement and an update for my customers who may happen to come visit the blog…

So first, hello! : ) I’ve been sewing round the clock to get everything finished and out the door in time for Christmas. You guys have been so awesome to me this year. Thank you for all your orders!! I am wishing I had a helper!!

The mini announcement… Shop sales reached 1313 today and it seemed like the perfect excuse for a giveaway. Knowing I have sewn up over one thousand three hundred thirteen items feels pretty wild. I wonder what that converts to in yardage?? So stay tuned for a giveaway once things calm down around here. Also, I am still hoping to post some new things to the shop this week, but that might be wildly over-ambitious of me. Either way, a shop update is coming, whether it be this week, or after things settle down.

And finally, for everyone who has placed an order, or would still like to order from the Ready to Ship section of the shop – my final shipment for Christmas delivery will take place on Monday the 20th, for receipt no later than Wednesday the 23rd. Gift Cards, a new addition to the shop this year, are also available, and can be delivered electronically right up to the minute.

Okay, see you later. Gotta get my fanny back upstairs.


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[soon to be] new for fall

Lots of sewing going on. I have just finished up a wholesale order, and am working diligently to get shop orders completed and shipped, and then I hope to bust out a bunch of new bags for fall/winter. I have made up some prototypes and I am likin’ what’s coming together.

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laugh + sweat + strive + rest = the equation for total contentment.

Wishing you all the best weekend ever.

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My entry into the new year was fairly uneventful, in a way that seemed just right. We spent the whole of new year’s eve day rearranging our house and doing some needed deeper cleaning. It was fun and satisfying and really brought me back into being an active and present part of my home life again (as opposed to being a sewing robot). We had meant to go to a party, but by the time evening rolled around we were pretty enrolled in our project. It seemed totally perfect waking up on new year’s day to a fresh house and feeling freshly inspired.

This year I didn’t make a list of resolutions (although I don’t usually do this any year), but I did make one. I resolve to bring a balance back to my life; a balance between work and play (and rest), time and money, computing and real life… We have started setting some time aside every morning, to just ‘tune in’ – be still, clear out extra noise, set new intentions, clarify our direction, and just generally take some time outside of the demands of the day-to-day, to check in. We used to do this on a regular basis. It was just built in and part of things. There is a really awesome momentum that builds when you do this consistently, over a length of time. It’s awesome (yes, I said it again!). I highly recommend giving it a try.

I have a lot of ideas for infusion this year, which I’m feeling really excited about. I’ve been making lists and sketching designs, and I’ve already started putting a few of these ideas in motion. I look forward to sharing  in new, creative ways as well, so we’ll see what comes of that.

Even though in some ways, January 1st is just another day, it can be helpful to have a symbolic new beginning to set needed changes in motion. If anyone feels to share, I’d love to hear any of the things you resolve to do or change this year (or day, week, or even decade).

And speaking of new, those chocolate plaid house shoes should be appearing in the shop any day now and those baby tears, wow, they are in a new found state of vegetative bliss.

See you soon. xo

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