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I’ve been enjoying combining vintage wool checks and plaids, beautiful salvaged leather, and linen. It just seems so perfect. Maybe even better than perfect.

The Amesbury Bag and Clutch are available in the shop.

amesbury bag

amesbury clutch

More Amesbury bags and clutches are on the way. They will all be limited in quantity. Some will be one of a kind.

camera bag in plum

A new color for the camera bag is available now too. This rich plum feels so autumnal, don’t you think?


I hope you all had a happy Halloween and a wonderful weekend! We enjoyed a beatiful afternoon walking on the riverfront, followed by a festive evening at a costume party.

Tomorrow is the full moon. If you get a chance, remember to step outside in the night air and enjoy it, even for just a moment.

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A new color in the shop.

Organic Essentia Satchel

I have had this fabric on hand for a while now, and it’s just been begging to be made into something in time for the season of sunshine.

Check out the new Organic Essentia Satchel in Golden Yellow.

I hope you all have a spectacular weekend!

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The Messenger

After months of wanting to do a revision of my Daily Messenger Bag, I finally made one up this week. I really like it! and I think you will too! It is sturdier, roomier and has more and bigger pockets. And of course, the strap is fully adjustable. This one is made with undyed hemp and lined with blue/gray cotton twill.

It’s in the shop, so come have a look!

the new hemp messenger

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I was going to wait to post this, and do a larger shop update all at one, but as soon as I finished making this I had a request for it. It just seemed too serendipitous to wait. This fabric was ordered over a month ago and I have finally gotten the chance to turn it 3D!

The Rogue in Organic Plum.

Organic Cotton Twill in a striking plum purple. This color makes me smile. When I ran out of Aubergine corduroy I went on a search for an even better, more organic solution. While I loved the velveteen softness of the cord, this one is organic, rich and juicy and has the most beautiful drape.

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In Petal Gray cotton twill with rosy red lining, available now, and in limited quantity with this particular color combination.

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Crimson Twill

I have just posted one more Blossom Bag in Crimson Red Twill in the shop. This is the very last of this fabric.

A cute little bag, a bit shorter than my usual Blossom Bag design. So grab it if you want it, cuz there won’t be more!

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A new color for the season. This is a medium/wide wale cotton corduroy. The color is like a burgundy wine but with much more purple undertones. It is very deep and juicy! This bag is slightly different than my original Rogue design, having an angled yoke on both sides. It‘s available in the shop now.

Also, if you have been eying the Rogue in Gray/Mauve, now is the time to grab it. There is only enough fabric for a couple more.

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This is a favorite in our house. This hemp silk blend fabric is luxuriously soft and quite substantial. Pure and simple. It is undyed, unbleached and goes with everything. The textured cream and earthy beige herringbone weave is sophisticated, yet neutral and friendly. It is warm and touchable. Very rarely do you find a fabric of such fine quality.

We think it’s perfect for winter, so we thought we would re-introduce you : )

Available in the shop. Expect to see it come forth in new forms, very soon.

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We have a new co-op in town, which is an exciting addition after our longtime local healthfood store went out of business. I had a request recently for reusable produce and bulk bags, as a friend of mine who works there knows I like to sew. She saw a customer using a cloth bag for her produce and felt like something similar would be a nice addition to the store. This is what I have made up so far. The image above is my display.

The sizes range from about 4″ x 5″ for little things like spices and herbs, up to as large as a full size produce bag. They are made of natural cotton muslin, which is unbleached and undyed (with one made of recycled red calico cotton thrown in for fun). The muslin is a sturdy yet lightweight fabric. There is a cotton twill tape tie stitched into the seaming, so there is no need for those wasteful twisty ties either.

I look forward to washing a set for myself and putting them to use next shopping trip. No more digging around in the piles of used baggies and twisties! And when needed, I can simply throw them in the washer.

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Part of why I love custom orders is my customers have a creative mind all their own… When they ask me to bring their idea to life it’s exciting, even sometimes challenging. I recently had a request to make a Blossom Bag in a smaller dimension with a longer strap. The simple difference in dimension made for a whole new bag. The outcome really had me excited. Even my boyfriend raised an eyebrow at this little cutie.

Here’s another custom item, which I have considered offering in my shop

After making a few, it has been modified from it’s original proportions. The original is shown below.

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