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This is a juvenile hairy woodpecker. I took at least 70 photos of this bird, as it pecked around in our old cherry tree. I quietly sneaked closer and closer as I clicked away. It let me get incredibly close. You can click any photo if you want to see it larger.

Observing birds, and identifying who is who is a favorite of mine.

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the buck





We are able to observe a lot of deer behavior at our place, and how their behavior changes through the seasons. We also see certain deer on a regular basis and have gotten to know them by their particular qualities, to some degree. For example, there is “big mama” –  a notably solid, strong, beautiful, and very calm doe. She moves with a sense of peace and knowing. Our property is part of her territory and we have had her company since we moved here 4 years ago. She has raised a number of sets of twin fawns in this area, often tucking them into safe spaces at our place while she goes on to forage.

And then there was “the big guy” – a massive, majestic buck that frequented our property in the fall and summer. This year he didn’t return, but it seems this buck pictured above has taken his place of dominance.  On this particular day, the doe (big mama) came through the same path not long after him, with her 2 fawns. I often wonder what happened to that big buck.

There is something about these creatures that can seem almost magical.  At least when they’re not eating your garden (can’t blame them though, can you).


Fun fact: Antler tissue is the fastest growing tissue in any mammal, and can grow up to an inch per day.

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