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I ordered a little packet of dwarf meyer lemon tree seeds in the winter. When they arrived, I was preoccupied with other things, and not quite yet in the planting mood, so I left them in their package for a few weeks until I was ready. Upon finally opening the package, I realized they came wet and fresh and that I was supposed to plant them immediately! Ai!!

They were soaking in a wet piece of tissue, in a little zip lock bag, and some of the seeds had developed a pinkish hue (mold?). After getting over my irritation with my own neglect, I rinsed them off and planted each one – 5 in all. I set them upstairs in my studio where it stays quite warm, next to a window with it’s curtain closed, and tended them each day, making sure the soil stayed moist. I didn’t have great expectations, but it seemed worth a try. In a month or so, to my excitement, 2 little sprouts emerged! Another week or so later, a third emerged!! Tiny little trees. I have never grown trees from seed.

Weeks more went by and the last 2 weren’t appearing. I finally decided to give it up. That night, when I entered my studio, I felt a little nudge. My attention was directed to the lemon seeds. Oh, I should water them… so I did. The following day, a 4th sprout emerged. That little life form spoke to me, and I heard it. Amazing to hear a seed speak. At this point I thought that we were finished and didn’t really plan to continue tending the last pot. That night, when I entered my studio, my whole attention was brought to that seed, completely, and the feeling that I needed to water it was SO STRONG. I watered it well, at that point knowing there was life in there and that it was ready to emerge. The next  day a tiny pair of twin trees appeared. Two trees, from one seed :>

I love that I have this little grove of tiny meyer lemon trees growing, but even more, I loved this experience of communication with my plants. I try to listen to my plants – sometimes they grab my attention from across the room and tell me they need water. At times I have told them I will water them “tomorrow” and then forgotten, and then had them remind me. Over the years, I have become more and more familiar with these subtle communications, and now they do not seem so subtle. Each plant has a life force, and each life force has it’s own unique signature. It is a real joy for me to understand plants, and live amongst them. If I could just shift out of my dense-headed humanness more often, there is so much to understand and learn from the world of plants.

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Living on the coast and in the trees offers me a unique opportunity to observe the life forms that live in their natural habitat right up close. As the summer really warms things up, the bees are returning (yay! we were worried for a while!) and the hummingbirds are more playful and the goldfinches and sparrows visit our deck for the organic sunflower seeds we offer. I appreciate their visits and the constant reminders of how important it is to live with respect for other creatures. They all live with respect for each other and it works so harmoniously.

Blue Jay

Yesterday, while in my sister’s backyard cleaning a window, a little bird came near and perched on a low wire. She was chirping and chirping and chirping with such a clear intensity. She was but 6 feet from my head and she was defininitley talking to ME. While trying to sense what she was telling me, I turned to my right and took notice of a dead shrub in a large planter pot. Nestled in the base of the plant was a small nest made of woven dried grasses, and in the nest were 4 tiny eggs, each about the size of a small grape tomato. I let my sister know so she will take care to leave it alone and keep her little ones away from it. Even though I don’t speak bird I got the message. It’s a fun and worthy challenge to try to understand the communication of other creatures. It is also important not to alienate ourselves into the confines of humanness. We are creatures too, and this goes far beyond simple humanness.

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