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I think one of this things I love most about gardening, is how it challenges me on so many levels. It requires me to use all the parts of myself in a way that is real and deep and lasting.

To fully embrace the act of successfully growing a healthy, thriving and organic garden requires physical work, thoughtful observation, accepting and embracing the fact that there is life beyond ourselves (that even might want to eat the food you are growing), the ability to trouble shoot and solve difficult problems, absolute persistence, gentle patience, love and care, letting go.

And then there are the rewards. The rewards are far greater than the crispy crunch of the best cucumber, or the juicy sweet/tart of the most delicious heirloom tomato. There is a cellular transformation that occurs when we unify ourselves with plants, and challenge ourselves to understand life at a deep level.

When I first started really thinking about this, and trying to express my thoughts, I wondered if I sounded a little bit nutty. But when I tried to share these thoughts with some fellow gardening friends, they understood me completely. They are totally there. They have experienced that cellular connectedness. It seemed profound (and relieving!) yet really it’s the simplest thing ever… In a way, we are no different than the plants or the animals we live amongst. We are all energetically, cellularly connected. This funny, far out, disconnected world that humans have created just makes it seem like we are different.

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