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small details

Are you a details kind of person? I tend to notice little details. When we got this duvet cover (during our virgin Ikea voyage last October), the blue, fabric-covered, metal buttons were a detail that bugged me. I don’t know why. They seemed chintzy. A few days ago I had this sudden, unstoppable urge to finally change those buttons out. I love the simple change. Plus, I am just crazy about wood. It is so warm and approachable.

It’s fun to make something your own by adding your own personal touch. Do you do little things like this?

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I first saw this over at enhabiten, and with further investigation, found this image below. I love it so much!

image property of the sartorialist

Interesting, funny, uncomfortable, beautiful; the body language amongst them all is so strong it’s amazing. There is so much going on here! What especially catches my attention is the tallest girl looking to the woman. What on earth is going through her mind.

I am kind of a nerd when it comes to the details. I could examine the simplest of things forever and be intrigued by all kinds of details that most people would overlook or find completely uninteresting. This is one of those things i could look at for far too long.

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