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There’s a new dress in the shop today!

abigail dress

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The shop is open! Come visit! A number of new items have been posted, with more on the way – hopefully to be available within the next week or so.The rains have returned, so I will be waiting for the next nice day to do a quality photo shoot.

Eco Toes in Ticking Stripe

Eco Toes in Vintage Cotton

Baby Shoes in Vintage Cotton/Linen

Wool / Tencel Mini Dress in Charcoal

pearl and pink linen blouse

green linen button blouse

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I have just put a few new pieces in the shop. You might notice I am anxious for warmer weather. sigh.

I also added a few zipper pouches and a new organic essentia satchel in espresso brown, as well as a Rogue in organic red cherry twill the other day, so come have a look! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with a fair amount of relaxing and a whole lot of fun.





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… is a little later than I projected, but projections are just that…

Organic Bamboo + Organic Cotton

Organic Bamboo + Organic Cotton

It’s been a great week or so experimenting with shapes and fabrics and trying new things. I didn’t complete as much as I had hoped, but I am brimming with ideas and in addition to what has been completed, I have a number of other pieces in the making. Today we photographed much of what was needed, so I hope to get them posted in the shop by Wednesday. I’ll post an update here when I know for sure!

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