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My next home project is in the queue. Maybe tonight I will carve out some space to work on it… That stack of flax and hemp linen is one of those simple things that makes me physically happy. Just the sight of linen – it’s texture, it’s depth, it’s coarseness and softness, the way the fibers weave amongst each other. It creates a bodily, palpable sensation for me. It’s like you want to eat it, but of course you never would. But how to explain that feeling? Is there anything like that for you? Do I sound like a crazy person? :) When I named my business “infusion” I had in mind the weave of a rustic, raw linen. Romanian Hemp and European linen were the original source of my crazy love for textiles.

So anyway, what will come of that mighty stack will be some very simple, hardworking items. Items that will be seen and used every day, all day. Any guesses?

What would you feel inspired to make with it?

.. this is not the first time I have gushed over linen. In case you missed this a couple years ago, and are interested, here is a beautiful video about European linen.

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I have just relocated my sewing space to our loft, which has prompted a lot of organizing and cleaning out. It is rather shocking how much stuff I have !! and particularly in the realm of fabric. I have acquired quite a lot of very nice fabrics over the last year –  linens, cottons, embroidered, vintage… I spent quite a bit of time the other day carefully going through all my fabrics and sorting them into piles of what to keep, what to pass on and then the most fun… what to gift. I have selected some fabric that I don’t think I will necessarily use any time soon, or that I may have quite a lot of, and would like to have some giveaways here to express my appreciation and just to enjoy the fun of sharing with my readers. I know all of you don’t sew, so I will be having a couple of giveaways with those of you in mind as well.


This bundle includes:

2+ yards of undyed stretchy cotton / linen blend, a nice size piece of brown 100% hemp twill, a nice size piece of undyed 100% hemp, 1 yard of lightweight blue gray 100% linen, a section of vintage eyelet trim, and a spool of cotton surgical thread (this stuff is great for hand stitching. It is very strong!) The wooden clothespin is included as well.


To be included in the drawing, simply leave a comment on this post by the end of Monday Oct 26. Don’t be shy!! This is for you.

I’ll report back with results after choosing a random winner.

Thank you for being so supportive everyone.

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spring cleaning?

After a couple months of increasingly claustrophobic conditions in my work space, I have finally had the energy to dig in and start trimming things down and refreshing. This week I have nearly dismantled my work area, eliminating piles of excess fabric scraps, dusting forgotten corners, sorting hardware, trims and buttons, and rediscovering nearly forgotten, unfinished projects. I spent nearly 2 hours this evening, meticulously cutting scraps from odd shaped leftover fabric pieces and folding and piling them neatly. It is hard to waste any of it and yet it is hard to know what to do with it all. I have 6 grocery bags FULL of various cotton fabric scraps. Linen and hemp has been sorted to another bag and then wool has been sorted yet again. While it has been a bit overwhelming, it has also been somewhat inspiring…. that quilt I have been wanting to make may just get made.

In the midst of this, our weekly errand day happened, which always includes a stop at the thrift store. This week I would have skipped it (for fear of finding more fabric), but my boyfriend really wanted to go. Wouldn’t you know, the craft section had just been restocked, after weeks of sparse pickings. I swear, someone had just brought their grandmother’s entire vintage stash in. There were loads of beautiful vintage buttons, trims, lace and fabrics. I brought home more than I have in quite some time. So much for paring down…

The photo above shows some of what I found. Everything I would guess to be vintage. Golden corduroy, lavender fulled wool, gray and cream houndstooth fulled wool, cotton twill tape, linen bias tape, lace trims; shell, wood and leather buttons..

As for all those scraps that won’t get used, I hope to find someone or some business that would like to shred them and use them as stuffing or something. Anyone know of anything like this? My boyfriend suggested I make a dog bed…

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This is a favorite in our house. This hemp silk blend fabric is luxuriously soft and quite substantial. Pure and simple. It is undyed, unbleached and goes with everything. The textured cream and earthy beige herringbone weave is sophisticated, yet neutral and friendly. It is warm and touchable. Very rarely do you find a fabric of such fine quality.

We think it’s perfect for winter, so we thought we would re-introduce you : )

Available in the shop. Expect to see it come forth in new forms, very soon.

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I have been wanting to take some time to develop some new designs for quite a while now, but I have just not been able to find a window amongst order fulfillments and my other job. I have been sketching ideas off and on for weeks, so you can imagine I am excited to make them a reality! I also have a couple of new fabrics, in new colors, that have been patiently waiting to be used as well.

Also, it is now September 1st and my boyfriend and I have been on just 2 short (VERY short) camping trips all summer. We are happy as clams in our loft on the ocean, but sometimes you just need a little getaway adventure. I will have a week off from my managerial job at the retreat center, so we will take some time to rest, relax and catch up on *life*.

Our Camper

Our Camper

So expect a refreshment both of me, and of my shop. And if you have a favorite, now is your time to jump on it as changes are afoot, and there is no telling what change can bring!

What you might expect to see on my return:

~ A new bag design, or two

~ A revision of the messenger bag

~ A revision of the blossom bag

~ An accessory piece and possibly (oh, maybe I am pushing it!) a womens clothing piece

I know that is all a bit vague, but surprises are more fun!

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