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There hasn’t been a lot of action IN the actual garden yet, but I did plant out my snap peas, runner beans, and pole beans last week. I think we will build some teepee style trellises this year for more vertical growing within the garden.

It’s been pretty cool here at night, with lows in the upper 30s, and by day there has been a real chill in the air. Seems cooler than usual for this time, but I couldn’t say for sure.

My starts are doing super well, and it’s amazing to see how much growth can occur day by day. That’s one thing I really appreciate about tending them so closely in the early days, is I really get to watch their progress. It’s amazing what plants do, and how responsive they are. The slow pokes are finally making an appearance, like ground cherry and hot peppers. I always wish I had started hot peppers sooner. I need to create a little calender for myself to refer to each year. I’m planning to create a planting chart too, similar to Shari’s here. Her idea really got me thinking of ways I could better organize these kinds of details.

I divided up all my double plantings of cucumbers and squash last week, and have started on my tomatoes. I think I’ll start leaving some things in the hoop house soon, to free up my hands a bit. Moving trays in and out each day can start to get time consuming. Steven made me 3 slatted wood trays recently (shown in the top 2 photos), as the odds and ends of trays I had were all full. I love them so much! And they have made moving plants so much easier and more efficient. Once this phase of gardening passes, I think they’ll make nice harvest crates as well.

Today I am planning to spend much of the afternoon in the garden. The sun is trying to come out, and I think we are in for a beautiful day.


You can find me at tend today, where I shared about a culinary herb project we did here. Come check it out if you’d like!


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