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Merry merry season’s greetings everyone xo

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monday sale!

So… I have been debating whether or not to have a sale this weekend for at least a week. Truth is, I don’t even want to HEAR the words “Black Friday,” or even “Cyber Monday” for that matter. I am, on some levels, at odds with the whole frenzy. But I have to admit, even we took advantage of some amazing Black Friday sales, and got a few (yes, a few, oh my) new large appliances we have really been wanting/needing for a while. These sales were super exciting for us, and our new additions will raise our quality of life and make our home life more efficient and more pleasant.


In the end, my decision to have a sale really boils down to those supportive, and often very quiet, ones of you out there, who I know might be waiting or hoping or just plain wondering if maybe (a couple of you even emailed me, which I actually found so endearing) I might have a sale on THE biggest sale weekend of the entire year.


So, without any further rambling, if you have your eye on something in the shop for yourself or another, save 12% off your order by using the discount code holiday2012. When you enter it in the box during checkout, just be sure to press “apply.” This sale is valid until midnight on Monday, November 26.


Thank you so much for supporting my handmade business. It has helped make my life what it is today. I am so appreciative of all of you. I wish I could express that more!



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the essence of handmade

I don’t usually share about personal packages I receive, but there have been a few recently, that I have felt inspired about. One such recent arrival, was a package from enhabiten.

I have appreciated Liane’s work for years, and finally have been able to hold some in my own hands, and see it in person. To me, the essence of handmade is here. There is a depth in her work and a clear, unmistakable mark of the creative human hand. Natural, useful, beautiful, textural, there is something really touching about it.

My zip pouch is full of the little things that end up all over my desk (otherwise known as our coffee table), like pens, SD cards, a mini notebook, a hair clip. It’s the prettiest way to stash these kinds of things that I have ever had. And the scarf is as satisfying to look at as it is to wear. I feel super fortunate to have these things in my home.

You can find enhabiten here.


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handmade soap




I am pretty fussy about what I put on my skin. It has to be simple, pure and made of things I can identify. For years I have been using Dr Bronners as my one and only soap for hands, face and shower. Last year it felt time for a change and somewhere along the way I was fortunate enough to discover Oakmoss. Amber makes high quality soaps (and natural soy candles for the candle lovers) and she uses only pure and organic vegetable oils as the base, and pure essential oils for fragrance. She has a great selection of bars available right now, freshly cured. I can’t wait to try my new Lavender Citrus bar, and I can highly recommend the Lemon Wood – woodsy, rich and deep with a complexity that picks you right up, and worth every penny of  6 dollars for such solid, long lasting, high quality soap. Amber is gentle and kind and provides generously sized samples to boot. So go take a look, before this batch is gone!

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I have added a couple new pairs of organic shoes to the shop.

One is for ladies, in golden yellow.  These will be quite limited… maybe 2 pairs.

organic eco toes in golden yellow

The other is for babies – a more subtle version of my very popular ‘Pink and Green.’

organic baby boots in pink and green

More new styles are in the works, including a fun surprise that has been long-awaited by some of you : )

I won’t make any promises on when though, as I life is so very full right now!

I hope you all have had a wonderful week! See you soon.

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new shoes

I rarely ever, almost never, make anything for myself.

As we transition into warmer weather here, it’s often a little too warm for my winter slippers, a little too cool to be barefoot, and with so many wool rugs in the house my socks end up completely covered in fuzz… so with all the shoes I have been making, why on earth do I not have my own pair???

In the midst of this quandary, I found a bag full of beautiful leather scraps at the thrift store. While I appreciate leather as a functional and durable material, I do not go out of my way, for ethical reasons, to purchase it new; though I have been secretly hoping to find some scrap to use for soles. So, you can probably guess where this is going… I have some new shoes, and yep they have leather soles (and organic fleece linings, of course!) : )

new shoes

AND, perhaps even more exciting… tomorrow evening I am having a giveaway!

So do come visit tomorrow for a fun surprise!

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The shop is open! Come visit! A number of new items have been posted, with more on the way – hopefully to be available within the next week or so.The rains have returned, so I will be waiting for the next nice day to do a quality photo shoot.

Eco Toes in Ticking Stripe

Eco Toes in Vintage Cotton

Baby Shoes in Vintage Cotton/Linen

Wool / Tencel Mini Dress in Charcoal

pearl and pink linen blouse

green linen button blouse

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There is a new green shopping site and I am excited to be one of the founding members.

Cosa Verde is a place to shop all things organic, recycled, sustainable or otherwise ecologically friendly and with planet loving intentions. The innovative and artistic team of Liz and Jeff, have been working on the site for 8 months and have just brought it to the air waves within the last week or so. The goal was to create a place where shoppers in search of eco friendly items, can find everything in one place. I think they have a done a beautiful job on the design of the site. It is attractive, easy to navigate and does a beautiful job of appealing to their audience. As a new site, they are seeking input on positive changes (some are already on the way), so if you have any great ideas, I am sure they would be thrilled to hear about them.

If you are a person who makes things that would fit in at Cosa Verde, CLICK HERE to sign up and I will receive a referral credit and you may receive $$ credit toward your account.

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Thrifty Finds

Cloth Basket

Thrifting is an all-time fav for my boyfriend and I; something we do weekly on our visit to town. This week I found a few things I felt inspired to share. I am pretty excited about this handmade cloth basket. I found it in an unusual place, in amongst a bin of slippers ? I guess someone changed their mind, which I didn’t mind! It was so carefully and solidly made and was clearly used for a long time by someone. I love all it’s soft, worn edges. I also found some vintage doilies and napkins (I really can get obsessed with digging through the vintage table linens and have to refrain from buying too many!). The yellow fabric is a large vintage linen table cloth. My boyfriend found the wooden pin, thinking it would make a nice hair stick.

Lace, Wood and Linen

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