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New Snap Clutch available in the shop. Made with undyed hemp and dark green canvas, with dark espresso vegetable tanned leather.

Little cousin to the Hemp and Olive Tote.

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I have just added a new 2-tone tote to the shop, here. This one is a little taller than my original 2-tone, and is thanks to a recent request by a return customer of mine. I loved the change in proportions and additional space.


For a sense of size, in comparison…


I didn’t manage a “doing it myself” post this week. Although I have made myself a thing or 2! My current project should be finished soon. It’s been a busy week. Also, I’m working on a little project for the shop – something that’s been a fun deviation for me from my usual work, and a nice change-up from what I usually have available in the shop. I hope to have some of it posted next week.

Have a great weekend. Be back soon xo

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simple and beautiful




My next home project is in the queue. Maybe tonight I will carve out some space to work on it… That stack of flax and hemp linen is one of those simple things that makes me physically happy. Just the sight of linen – it’s texture, it’s depth, it’s coarseness and softness, the way the fibers weave amongst each other. It creates a bodily, palpable sensation for me. It’s like you want to eat it, but of course you never would. But how to explain that feeling? Is there anything like that for you? Do I sound like a crazy person? :) When I named my business “infusion” I had in mind the weave of a rustic, raw linen. Romanian Hemp and European linen were the original source of my crazy love for textiles.

So anyway, what will come of that mighty stack will be some very simple, hardworking items. Items that will be seen and used every day, all day. Any guesses?

What would you feel inspired to make with it?

.. this is not the first time I have gushed over linen. In case you missed this a couple years ago, and are interested, here is a beautiful video about European linen.

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Hi folks, I have just added a new tote to the shop. Our long time favorite “2-tone tote” is now available in slate waxed canvas and natural hemp, with natural veg tanned leather straps. Lined with organic cotton canvas. I am quite fond of this golden brown leather and I think it really complements the slate. This bag will soon will be available with another leather color as well.

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Another new tote, available here, in Indigo Hemp/Organic cotton denim and indigo ticking stripe. Tough morning for photographs. It is gray and super rainy. So so so much rain! I hope my little garden starts are okay with all this rain. Peas are coming up and radishes too. Do beans usually take a while to sprout? This is my first year growing beans and it seems like they are taking forever to appear.

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coming soon

… the Rucksack in Hemp and Dark Olive.

I’ve got a new hemp in, sourced specifically for the purpose of rucksacks, and it’s even more beautiful than I’d hoped. Feels and looks like the most amazing thick, heavy linen – but of course it’s hemp! Mmm, and the smell. I love the smell of hemp. Sort of sweet, grassy, clean. There will be a reappearance of more hemp items in the shop this year. In the earlier days of infusion, hemp was more of a focus, and I want to bring that back.

I have photographed the 2-tone version shown here, and I plan to make one up in pure hemp as well (oh and there are even more rucksack options coming too). It might be a little while , so I am open to requests in the meantime. It’s been pretty darn busy in these parts. A huge thank you to everyone who has placed an order recently!

Be back soon. xo



P.S. The giveaway closes tomorrow night, so if you’d like to enter make sure to get on over there.



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Hello there beauties. A few more things in the shop today.

Blue and white striped summer tube scarf. 100% cotton jersey knit. Lightweight and fun to wear.

2 tone tote in red and brown. Larger and with a few more features than the last.

Hemp and leather rounded tote. Organically shaped, and with the beauty in it’s simplicity.

Take a peek in the shop for further details.

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a giveaway!

Hi friends!  Just wanted to let you know I am sponsoring a giveaway over at Sweet Greens.

giveaway at Sweet Greens

Head on over and enter to win! The contest ends July 15th at 12am EST.

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Hello! Help yourself to some savory herb corn cake. There is a lot to celebrate and it is due time we had a little party, don’t you think?


I will start by sharing a few things I am celebrating, for myself and for infusion

~ infusion (the shop) turned one year old back in March and within that little year has been successful in a way I would never have anticipated.

~ My beau and I will soon be first time home owners. Woo!!

~ Spring is really truly here (today in particular!), with the birds nesting, flowers in full bloom, bees happily wallowing in pollen, sun shining, and everything so very green to show it.

~ I am happy and healthy and look forward to each day.

~ and I have made so many supportive and wonderful friends here via the internets, in a way I did not know was possible.

~ This giveaway is for you, my friends, and this includes the friends out there I have yet to meet.

giveaway may 24

To make this twice the fun, there will be two gift recipients. The first will receive a pair of handmade slippers in their size, similar to the pair shown, and will have their choice of recycled leather or natural hemp for the sole. The second will receive a hand stamped hemp zipper pouch lined with mustard yellow organic cotton plus a little bitty unnamed surprise.

If you would please leave a comment sharing one thing (or many things!) you are grateful for or find worthy of celebrating at our little party, I will choose 2 of your names at random, to be the recipients of these handmade eco friendly gifts.

There are no restrictions. Anyone is invited to participate.

giveaway may 24

giveaway may 24

I will announce the results sometime Wednesday morning.

In the meantime, enjoy yourselves to the fullest *

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I thought you might have needed a little extra sunshine to warm those toes. Come have a peek!

eco toes. yellow linen and colorful stripes.


It’s a beautiful sunny day here today. So many migratory birds are back as the weather warms up, and I am hearing some of my favorite evening songs again. It seems like the plants just can’t contain themselves and there are explosions of new growth everywhere. The landscape looks different in all the places I frequent. I feel like I can drink the air almost, it is so lush and green.

I hope you are having a fantastic week, and enjoying the life all around you!

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