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holiday shipping


Hi folks! Our last shipping day for US Christmas deliveries is this Friday, December 20. If you would still like to pick up an item that is ready to ship, there’s still time. There are just a few things left. And if you have wanted to purchase a gift for someone but have been undecided or ran out of time, there are gift certificates as well.


All orders come wrapped for gifting, with simple, seasonal adornment.

It’s been a great holiday season for infusion! Thank you so much for your support!

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catching up




For any of you who are starting to get anxious to place an order, the shop will be reopening soon – within the week I hope. Thank you for your emails!

This holiday season was pretty excellent. The holidays are always a busy time, but this year the influx of orders seemed particularly condensed and intense. I tend to do well under pressure, as long as I take care of myself and keep things organized. This year I clearly saw how much more efficiently I work, and how much more streamlined my flow in the studio has become. It’s exciting to tap into my inner multi-tasker and really work it. Once the momentum gets ticking, incredible things can be accomplished!

The last couple weeks, while working through the remaining orders in, I’ve been catching up on rest (sleeping some seriously long nights) and specific nutrition, and replenishing my supply of leather parts (cutting, prepping, dyeing) and bag components. Today I’ll be finishing up the last stack of orders (thank you, to those who that includes, for being so patient this week). It feels amazing to be on the flip side of such a packed-full past couple of months.

How about you, are you a multi-tasker?


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Merry merry season’s greetings everyone xo

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little bits of thread












Some things from this week…

It’s been a week full. A full week.

The snaps above…

:: A cozy corner. I should sit there more (I sit right across from there daily).

:: Our beautiful handmade-in-the-Pacific NW wreath. A gift from our parents, who we love more than words could ever say.

:: Stocked up on tights. I wear tights a lot in the winter. Love them.

:: A little pile of wallets and clutch parts.

:: Christmas cards… winter note cards. Remember that photo?  And tea. And pomegranates!

Mostly, I just wanted to drop in before a small eternity passed by. It’s a busy time, and my head is mostly buried in piles of fabric, and my clothes covered in little bits of thread. Feeling happy, a little restless, and quite excited for a bit of a break soon.

How are you all? I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful season. xo

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I am feelin’ that holiday buzz. It starts out so quietly, sneaks up (seemingly) so slowly, and then suddenly – hellllo, it is here! This year I am trying to take it in slowly, enjoy this time, soak up the amazing fresh air of late autumn, and not get completely lost in the exciting rush of work that comes at this time of year. And have you noticed how happy everyone seems right now? Is it that way where you are? I swear, I met eyes and shared smiles with more people than I can count this weekend, while out running simple errands. That is so unlike the average day in town here (sadly). And as for decking the halls and all that stuff, I admit it – I love twinkly lights, I love to hang a wreath, and I love to gather fir branches and pine cones to bring inside.

Happy Holidays friends, how ever it is you enjoy this time of year.

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I don’t have sales very often, but right now there is a holiday sale going on in my shop!

Enjoy Free Worldwide Shipping Friday 11/27 through Saturday 11/28. Shipping amounts have been zeroed out on all eligible items. Easy peasy. So have some fun and go shopping!

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